ThriveCart Buys ConvertBox

On June 17th, 2021, Josh Bartlett of ThriveCart made the announcement officially revealing that ThriveCart had acquired ConvertBox back in March of 2021. 

The news of ConvertBox being acquired brings both excitement over the future possibilities for the tool, and also careful pause from those who are not familiar with ThriveCart.

Personally, I'm thrilled about ThriveCart acquiring ConvertBox. I rely on both of these tools to help power and run a significant portion of my business. Separate, they're best-in-class at what they do. Together? They could represent the next evolution of segmentation and sales funnel integration. 

And the continued great news? They're not expensive monthly or yearly subscriptions or all-in-one platforms. They're buy once, own forever tools. 

You can get a lifetime deal (pay one time only) of both products using the links below.

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I've curated a list of the common questions people are asking about ThriveCart's acquisition of ConvertBox and included them below.

Why did ThriveCart buy ConvertBox?

Josh Bartlett, CEO and founder of ThriveCart, was the business coach for the original founder of ConvertBox and was involved with helping the company from the initial concept all the way through its launch. ConvertBox's founder approached ThriveCart owner Josh Bartlett to see if his company would be interested in acquiring ConvertBox and a deal was struck.

Will there be a ThriveCart and ConvertBox integration?

Hints about deeper integrations between the two tools have been dropped on the Facebook group following ThriveCart's acquisition of ConvertBox. Combined, these two tools cover segmentation and sales giving them control over an even larger portion of the overall marketing funnel.

Is ConvertBox going to be around long term?

Josh Bartlett, CEO and founder of ThriveCart, made it clear that his company is interested in creating long-term brands that "stand the test of time" for years to come. As a company that has been around for over a decade, ThriveCart is now used by over 150,000 businesses around the globe and has processed over $1.3 Billion.  Given ThriveCart's massive success over the past decade, it's safe to assume that ConvertBox's future is even more secure.

Will ConvertBox LTD be taken away after ThriveCart acquisition?

Josh Bartlett has assured the community that CovertBox LTD owners will not see any change. The LTD and access current owners enjoy will continue. 

Here is the quote from the announcement on Facebook regarding access and the deal remaining the same:

I wanted to reassure everyone who currently has a ‘lifetime account’ with ConvertBox that we have no plans to restrict your account in any way. You will still have access to the account you purchased and will not be required to purchase anything else to keep using ConvertBox as you already do.

Is ConvertBox going to take payments now that ThriveCart owns it?

ConvertBox and ThriveCart support state that taking payments goes against the scope and purpose of ConvertBox as a product, and therefore will not be a feature coming to ConvertBox.