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What is HighLevel?

HighLevel is an all-in-one digital marketing software tool with over 3 million active users, 700+ employees, and valued at $500M as of 2023.

Cutting out all of the jargon, it's a marketing tool that combines a lot of things you can buy separately and accomplishes making them all work together in a way that's actually useful. 

Speaking from my experience using HighLevel as an agency owner, it has a lot of features. More than I personally use. You can technically replace just about everything and go all-in on HighLevel. But I don't.

For example, I still like building websites with WordPress. I sell products with SureCart. I run my community on Circle. HighLevel can do these things, but for now I keep these separate.

Where HighLevel fits in for me is the email marketing, CRM, scheduling, funnels (super cool), and automation/workflows component. 

Why I choose to use HighLevel

There are so many tools out there, and most of them will actually get the job done. But having tried and used so many of them over the past decade, there's always a single core issue: Synergy between the features that I need!

There are great CRMs, but they're terrible at email and automation. There are email tools but their CRM features are bare bones. There are decent email and automation solutions, but they have no CRM features. And so on.

That's the one thing HighLevel does better than any other tool I've tried: It gets these three core features to synergize really, really well.

✅ Full-Feature Email Marketing

I need deliverability, ease of use for writing emails, and a way to automate the sending of campaigns and newsletters. I want a solid campaign builder but also the ability to send one-off simple emails.

✅ A Real, Feature-Rich CRM

CRM's are everywhere, but I wanted one that actually helped improve my marketing too. My HighLevel CRM is connected to my email marketing and my automations in ways I can only do because of HighLevel.

✅ Robust Automations (Workflows)

HighLevel has all of the same bare-minimum automation requirements like webhooks. Then it kicks it up 10x with calculations, Stripe payments, call/text/email, social media integration, and full-feature CRM automation.

Why should I sign up under Doug?

I want to be very direct with you here. I'm not one of those 'thirsty' guru 18-year-olds on YouTube promising you a system for making a million dollars to get rich quick just hoping you'll click my affiliate link. I'm not selling you a $5,000 high-ticket offer. I actually run two businesses, have employees, and I work hard to grow those businesses and provide a comfortable standard of living. If you want the "I can make you rich" hype, please look elsewhere.

If you're good with reality, then let's get into it!

Running a business is a lot of work... A LOT.... and finding the right tools to make it easier and more efficient is overwhelming and confusing. When you finally find something that can make a difference, trying to get it all to work feels impossible. Taking you from that moment of overwhelm and despair and transplanting you into a working system feeling confident and empowered... that's my "super power."

Sign up with me, either as an affiliate or under my white-labeled version of HighLevel (huge discount available to All-Access Members and pays for itself in a year), because you know the value of having someone constantly there to support you brings. If you sign up through my affiliate link, I get a percentage of the sale. That's why I can offer you these bonuses. 

Not Yet a HighLevel User? Get These Bonuses!

Get My HighLevel Affiliate Bonuses

Purchase any plan from HighLevel using my affiliate link to get my affiliate bonuses. I get a small commission. You get:

  • Convology Community Membership ($588/year value)
  • My HighLevel course ($500 value)
  • Weekly group coaching office hours ($900/m value
  • Personalized support via the Community ($2700 value)

All these bonuses at no extra cost to you.

Active & Paid HighLevel account required to maintain bonuses.

Added Value as my Affiliate

I'm not your typical HighLevel affiliate. Here's how I'm different from your other choices out there:

  • HighLevel isn't the only tool I support. Browse my website and YouTube channel and you'll see that I utilize the best tools of their class to get the job done.
  • I have extensive experience integrating HighLevel into a wide variety of popular tech stack tools. I build real funnels that span across multiple tools.
  • I'm not an all-hype YouTube guru pimping an affiliate link and trying to sell you a "system". I'm a real business owner like you.
  • I'm a real agency owner. I use HighLevel every day to help local businesses service their clients and grow.

Important: Clear your cookies and cache, etc., before you click my affiliate links. I can only give you access to my bonuses (and my expertise) if you are MY affiliate. 

Already a HighLevel Customer but still need help?

If you already have a HighLevel subscription, but you still need help, I offer 1-on-1 'tech help calls' (think of them like a coaching call) where we'll go hands-on with your HighLevel account and the rest of your tech stack to get you moving forward.

Help Session

Ideal for those moments when you're stuck, confused, or overwhelmed and need a little boost over the finish line. Book a call any time you need assistance.


  • One-Hour Personalized Tech Help Call
  • Hands-on Help with Your HighLevel & Tech Stack


Perfect for getting your HighLevel account set up, building automations, integrating your tech stack, and implementing HighLevel into your business.


(Save over $100 when you bundle!)

  • 3 Personalized Help/Coaching Calls
  • Hands-on Help with Your HighLevel & Tech Stack
  • Bank Unused Calls (They don't expire!)

Wait, isn't FluentCRM more affordable?

Yes, absolutely, but it's also 1/10th of the product. FluentCRM does emails pretty well, but the CRM side is non-existent and the automation side is just 'okay'. One of the biggest problems that I've had with FluentCRM lately is its dependence on WordPress. If anything goes wrong with your WordPress website, your entire email marketing, "crm", and automation platform is 100% screwed. I have a really hard time taking that risk.

But what about Thrive Suite and Astra/Spectra... don't you use those?

Yep, I use Thrive Suite with WordPress to build a lot of my websites. The Thrive Architect page builder and Thrive Theme Builder are still superior tools to HighLevel's website building tools, but HighLevel is catching up. I also use Astra and Spectra, which are terrific for straightforward website building. My recommendation for HighLevel does not impact my choice of using these WordPress-based tools.

What about Courses? HighLevel or Thrive Apprentice or Circle?

That's depends! I use Circle, but HighLevel is really starting to up its game with its course platform. If you want a super customizable experience, go with Thrive Apprentice

Can HighLevel do communities?

It definitely can. The community platform is really good now. They keep releasing improvements to make it better all the time, and there's even an app for it now. I still prefer Circle, personally.

I thought all-in-one solutions were bad?

I teach my clients that all-in-one solutions are usually "bad" if you're keeping your entire business model wrapped up in one piece of software. That's the same for WordPress, too. I have always taught modularity. You want all of the pieces of your business to be severable and capable of being reattached.  I do not run everything in HighLevel, and I recommend you strongly consider the needs of your business when you make that decision. If you're one of my HighLevel affiliates or a client of mine, we'll talk through all of this together on our strategy call so that we can identify the best path forward for your business.