Integrating Thrivecart with HighLevel: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to connect ThriveCart with HighLevel. This integration method will allow you to use HighLevel as a CRM, email marketing platform, automation system, and even for managing memberships and courses while being able to utilize ThriveCart for what it’s best at: Sales funnels.

Why Integrate ThriveCart with HighLevel?

Although HighLevel has sales funnel capabilities similar to what ThriveCart offers on the functionality side, ThriveCart has it beat on the design and UX side. I also prefer ThriveCart’s upsells/downsells and order bumps over what HighLevel has in their funnels.

What You Lose Out on by Not Using HighLevel’s Funnels

There’s a give and take here. If you don’t use HighLevel’s funnels, you won’t have that sales data as deeply integrated into the CRM side.

Choosing Your Integration Tool

While ThriveCart doesn’t currently offer a default integration with HighLevel, we can bridge the gap with a third-party tool. Although Zapier is a popular choice, its premium pricing may not be suitable for all budgets. That’s where SureTriggers comes in as a cost-effective alternative, offering impressive features and a lifetime plan that can save you money in the long run.

Connecting ThriveCart to HighLevel Using SureTriggers

Setting Up ThriveCart

Within Thrivecart’s fulfillment section, you’ll typically find default integrations for course and membership platforms. However, for HighLevel, you’ll need to choose an alternative fulfillment option like displaying the invoice or redirecting to a URL.

Creating a Workflow in SureTriggers

  1. Log into SureTriggers and create a new workflow.
  2. Set up a trigger from ThriveCart, selecting the event “Product Purchased,” which works for both products and subscriptions.
  3. Connect your Thrivecart account by obtaining and inputting your API key into SureTriggers.
  4. Select the product you want to integrate with HighLevel.

Connecting to HighLevel

The nice thing about this integration method is that it doesn’t require webhooks! We’re using a direct API connection, so everything just happens for us.

  1. Add an action in SureTriggers to create a contact in HighLevel.
  2. Connect your HighLevel account using the API key obtained from the HighLevel settings.
  3. Map the necessary data fields from ThriveCart to HighLevel, such as name and email.
  4. I recommend adding a tag to the contact based on what they purchased in ThriveCart (comes into play in next stage).
  5. Test the action to ensure the data is correctly transferred to HighLevel.

Automating HighLevel Workflows to Utilize Contacts

  1. In HighLevel, go to “Automation” and create a new workflow triggered by the tag added in the previous stage.
  2. Add actions such as sending an email (great for onboarding), adding the user to a community, or granting access to a course.

Managing Cancellations and Refunds

If you want to remove the user from HighLevel or remove/add a tag, we’re essentially going to do the same process but utilize the refund trigger in SureTriggers.

  1. Create a new workflow in SureTriggers for subscription cancellations (rebill payment cancelled) or a refund if you’re using a one-time payment product.
  2. Add a HighLevel action for “Add Contact to Workflow” (we will make this in a moment).
  3. Toggle on “Map” next to Select Contact and map it to the customer email.
  4. In HighLevel, create a workflow to remove tags or access to members and courses. Do not add a trigger to this HighLevel workflow.
  5. Test the workflow to ensure it functions correctly when a real cancellation occurs. I recommend running a purchase in ThriveCart in test mode and then cancelling to get a real-world example.

Need Additional Support?

For further assistance or to delve deeper into the capabilities of HighLevel, check out the Convology All Access Pass. I have a brand new HighLevel course where you can learn to actually use the tool (instead of just being sold by a guru on making 50k a month white labeling HighLevel). You can also get direct help from me in our All-Access community, as well as weekly office hours.

If you’re not yet a HighLevel user, you can check out my affiliate bonuses and see if that’s something that would interest you.

P.S. I also have a special HighLevel offer for All-Access members to get a HighLevel account for half the price (a members-only offer).

That’s it for this tutorial. With the right approach and tools, you can create a powerful system that caters to your business’s specific needs. Happy integrating, and see you in the next one!