SureCart Manual Orders

In SureCart you can manually add a customer to an order and fulfill that order without the customer having to be involved. If there is a card on file for the customer, you can use that payment method or add a new payment method to the customer's profile. If you do not select a payment, you can mark an order as fulfilled and complete the order for the customer for free.

The Hidden Benefits of Manually Processing Orders in SureCart

Using a membership or course platform like Thrive Apprentice, you can technically just add a customer directly to the product you are selling. However, that step bypasses setting up the customer profile in SureCart and the hidden benefits of moving the customer through the entire funnel.

Secure Downloads

SureCart offers secure file downloads that require the customer to be logged in for them to access the download links. These downloads can also appear in the customers 'My Downloads' section. If you don't process the customer through the SureCart then you'll miss out on this feature and have to fulfill those downloads through another means.

Run Automations

Using a tool like SureTriggers you can easily automate so many things to happen post-purchase. By manually processing an order through SureCart, all of those automations can still run even if the product was fulfilled and granted for free.

This could entail emails, asset delivery, integration with an external community platform like Circle, adding the customer to your CRM, and more. 

Automations are the backbone behind my entire SureCart setup, so I prefer to process orders (even free ones) manually whenever possible.