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Our Courses

Thrive Apprentice Course

Master the use of Thrive Apprentice and its surrounding tech stack to quickly and successfully launch your own online course platform. 

Thrive Theme Builder Course

Discover the Theme Builder ecosystem, master best practices for building your theme, and learn how to deploy Thrive Theme Builder the right way.

Thrive Architect  Course

Become an expert in Thrive Architect! Learn the Architect ecosystem, best practices, advanced tips, and a complete walkthrough of the platform.

Thrive Suite Course Bundle

Save $200 when you buy our three flagship Thrive Suite courses together in the Thrive Suite Course Bundle! 

Thrive with SureCart Course

Utilize the power of SureCart to make your sales funnel truly 'thrive'. This course will walk you step-by-step through SureCart's setup and integration with your tech stack.


So many "gurus" and YouTubers are pushing HighLevel for agencies and trying to make money selling HighLevel. This course helps real businesses actually use HighLevel.

ConvertQuiz™ Funnels Course

Unlock my process for rapidly generating leads and enhancing sales. Includes my step-by-step quiz recipe, funnel blueprint, and walkthrough of building a funnel that converts.

FluentCRM Course

Learn how to use and implement FluentCRM quickly and professionally. This growing collection of tutorials covers a variety of tools and tech stack integrations.

Thrive Webinar Funnels

Create a webinar lead generation and sales platform using Thrive Suite (and a few other optional tools) instead of buying a big expensive webinar platform.

SEO (for reals)

Real strategies. Real tactics. Real results. SEO (for reals) contains my SEO method which I've refined over the past 15 years of scaling websites organically.