Recommended Marketing Tech Stack

This recommended products page is a curated list of the tools and services I recommend most. I have used and tested every recommendation on this page, and I use all of these today today in my businesses. Some of these are affiliate links which means I'll get a small commission for referring you to these tools I love.

Thrive Themes Membership

For just one extremely low price you can have access to every Thrive Themes plugin with a Thrive Themes Membership! Though I highly recommend the entire suite of plugins, you are able to buy them individually if you desire. Click on any of the images below to learn more about that Thrive plugin.

Email Service Providers


If simplicity and focus (at a super affordable price) really speak to you, then check out SendFox. You'll find all of the necessary tools to emphasize your content creation with just enough automation and list-growth mixed in. Check out all the details in my SendFox review.



When you're ready to deploy more complex email automation, and your list has grown to a substantial part of your revenue stream, I recommend you give ConvertKit a try. They have fantastic integrations and offer incredibly robust email sequences and automations.

Carts & Payment Platforms

ThriveCart Logo


ThriveCart offers the best cloud SaaS cart and checkout experience on the market. If you're selling courses and looking to integrate with a membership platform or simply looking for a hosted and highly-integratable and feature-rich platform then you must check out ThriveCart.



If you're a WooCommerce user or looking to start using WooCommerce to sell your products, I highly recommend CartFlows. CartFlows creates a streamlined sales funnel while still utilizing WooCommerce for the checkout. CartFlows can be used with the regular shopping cart experience of your site, or transform WooCommerce into a single-product checkout experience that doesn't feel at all like a shopping cart. 

Hosting Providers



If you run a beast of a website, or simply want the most ridiculously fast speeds you can get with a WordPress site, then you need to check out Cloudways. I moved 5 of my big, slow, juggernaut sites with WooCommerce, CartFlows, and all my membership platforms over to Cloudways and the backend of the site is just blazing fast. Cloudways is only a tiny bit more technical, but even less expensive than my top shared hosting recommendation and even faster. I recommend their Vultr High Frequency option.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

I've been with every major web host out there, and I can confidently say that no one comes even close to WPX Hosting for standard WordPress website hosting. WPX offers THE BEST customer service. Their response times are nearly instant, and they are available 24/7/365. They offer free migrations, fast servers, and most of all... peace of mind. If you want stupidly-simple shared hosting, WPX is for you. I now host over 60 client websites on WPX because it just makes my life easier.