ConvertQuiz Funnels is my step-by-step guide to planning, creating, and implementing a successful quiz funnel.

Imagine creating a
sales funnel that converts at 20-30%

... and having a guide every step of the way. Here's a taste of what's in ConvertQuiz Funnels:

Question Recipe

Remove the guesswork with my quiz question recipe that provides you with exactly what types of questions to ask, when to ask them, and how many to ask.

Funnel Formula

I've refined 6 years of quiz building into a single formula to give you the exact components and method you can use for an effective ConvertQuiz Funnel. 

Tech Integration Guide

I walk you through how to build a ConvertQuiz using the exact same tools that I've used to build successful six-figure ConvertQuiz Funnels.

ConvertQuiz Funnels rapidly grow sales and leads in any industry

  • Perfect for consultants and coaches wanting to book more qualified clients who are ready to take that next step
  • Ideal for selling large-ticket items like online courses and personalized group training packages
  • Radically increase ecommerce conversion rates for sites with multiple SKUs
  • Generate a high volume of extremely qualified leads, particularly in industries with strict requirements
  • Increase read-to-buy foot traffic to brick-and-mortar physical locations

Hi! My name is Doug...

Quiz funnels have been the single most effective marketing tools that I've used to grow my own multiple six-figure business and help my clients achieve their sales goals.

I spent six years building quiz funnels for clients who happily paid me $5,000 to $13,000 per funnel, and even monthly retainers of $7,000/month because quiz funnel get results and they JUST WORK

ConvertQuiz Funnels is my process, my recipe, and my step-by-step system for making quiz funnels. I spent the time testing, making the errors, and figuring it out so that you don't have to. 

Is this really going to work for me?

Quiz funnels are widely recognized and statistically proven methods for generating more leads at a fraction of the traditional method costs. But actually making one and implementing it for your business can feel daunting, and the road ahead is laden with pitfalls, gurus, overpriced all-in-one tools that cost thousands of dollars, and overcomplicated processes that leave you more confused than before you even get started.

ConvertQuiz Funnels is your guide and step-by-step system to simplify the process and finally launch a quiz funnel for your business. 

If any of this sounds like you,  
this course was made for you

✅ You have a product or service and want to build a sales funnel that converts at a higher rate than traditional lead magnet and trip wire methods.

✅ You're willing to put in the time it takes to learn, refine, and master the quiz funnel process. This course was designed to be as simple as possible, but you still need to put in the work.

✅ You enjoy tinkering with tech stack tools and the DIY approach to building a business. Utilizing tools in new ways and squeezing out every drop of efficiency excites you.

If any of this sounds like you,  
this course is NOT for you

✅ You can't stand the thought of building and implementing sales funnels on your own , even with a provided system.

✅ You don't have a product or service ready to be sold. It doesn't have to be perfect, but we're going to assume you have one.

✅ You're expecting a complicated process and will be turned off by something straight forward and easy to implement.

✅ Buying this course would use your entire budget. (Please don't buy this course if it will.)

The numbers tell the story of ConvertQuiz Funnel Success

✨ Increase in interaction rate
✨ Increase in lead conversion rate
✨ Increase in the number of sales
✨ Decrease in cost per lead
✨ Decrease in cost of customer acquisition

Case Study: Group Coaching & Course Sales

Having already successfully launched multiple courses and a group coaching program, this client came to me wanting to scale her business in a more cost-effective way. She was already getting a decent number of leads per day (10-20), but she was spending quite a bit to get them ($1500 or so a month in ads). She was profitable, but her margins were tiny.

✨ Enter ConvertQuiz Funnels ✨

? We changed from a tripwire converting at 4% to a ConvertQuiz converting at 45%!

? Spending the same amount on ads, we 4-5x'd the number of leads she receives EVERY DAY, resulting in multiple six-figures growth and a healthy, sustainable margin.

Case Study: Ecommerce

This client came to me with a failing ecommerce store. They sold a mid-tier personal care product line and simply could not engage their customers and funnel them into the store.

They spent 8 months and $30,000 (yes, that's the correct number of zeroes) on failed ads and gimmicky tripwires. I'm sure you've seen those Facebook ads. They had almost no sales to show for it.

✨ Enter ConvertQuiz Funnels ✨

? 564% increase in total sales across all products in just ONE MONTH.

? Went from $2000 to over $13,000 per month in sales, going on four months now.

Case Study: Consulting

The idea of a funnel for consulting seemed extremely odd to my client at first. "Don't people either decide to work with me or not?" That was his mindset, and he thought he just needed better SEO and more traffic to fuel his side-hustle (aka backup plan in case his corporate job disappeared).

✨ Enter ConvertQuiz Funnels ✨

? We took the 300 visitors a month he was getting, didn't spend a dollar on ads, and in one year grew his consulting business by 533%.

? Year 2, his business continues to grow. As of today, he's up another 194% in the past 12 months. 

? His weekend side hustle now grosses almost $100,000 a year vs. the $10,000 a year he was getting before ConvertQuiz Funnels.

Results mentioned not typical, and your business is not guaranteed to succeed.  Creating a successful quiz funnel and business requires dedication, time, skill and a product people want to purchase on the other end. This course is a resource, but not a guarantee.

What's Covered in ConvertQuiz Funnels?

Module 1

Understanding the 'why' of ConvertQuizzes and how they work and tie into the Consumer Decision Process.

Module 2

You'll learn about each key component of the ConvertQuiz Funnel Formula and how to use them for your ConvertQuiz.

Module 3

Learning about each of the four primary types of ConvertQuizzes and how to decide which one is right for your business.

Module 4

My simplified ConvertQuiz Question Recipe for how to remove the guesswork and stress of writing a ConvertQuiz,

Module 5

Tech walkthroughs for building your ConvertQuiz using my recommended tools, and best practices to succeed.

Module 6

Measuring and improving the results of your ConvertQuiz with insights into simple things you can do to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions & Objections

Email me ([email protected]) if you still have questions!

Will ConvertQuizzes actually work in my industry? My business is so unique!

Even if your business is unique, selling the right product to the right person and providing as much relevant value is not. ConvertQuiz Funnels are the bridge across that chasm between your offer and your customers and follow a proven consumer behavior model.

But Doug, I struggle with thinking of questions to ask and I always get stuck writing my quiz!

I got you! You’re going to get my step-by-step ConvertQuiz Question Recipe for writing the right type of questions, the right number of questions, and the how to structure them for the best results. If you know your product and the value it brings to your customers, you’ll breeze right past the question writing struggle!

What tools and tech do I need? Will I have to buy anything else?

You probably have everything you need already! Modules 1-4 can be done on paper if you're old-school cool (though I recommend Google Docs or Notes. In module 5 I will walk you through my recommendations for quiz tools and provide you with links where you can pick them up at a great deal. None of the tech I recommend is overpriced, and the best ones are one-time purchases. You need a website and a quiz tool. That's it.

Is there any support provided with the course?

Yes! You can post in the comments section of any lesson where you have questions about the material. Need more support from me and a community of entrepreneurs? Consider leveling up your participation in the course by joining Convology Pro.

Is there a community for the course?

Members of Convology Pro have access to our Pro-only community where I am able to offer scalable group support and everyone can participate in learning and growing from each other's questions and experience. Convology Pro is an all-access-pass that provides access to ALL courses, workshops, and masterclasses in addition to the community. Learn more about Convology Pro here.

Can you help me build my ConvertQuiz Funnel?

This course is meant to be DIY and a fraction of the cost you'd spend hiring me as a consultant. Since I can only serve so many people individually, this course takes everything I know about quiz funnels and packages it in such a way that it's easy to follow and implement on your own. 

What is the refund policy?