Convology Pro is our all-access-pass membership for entrepreneurs and website owners focused on growing their businesses online through the successful implementation and use of digital tools.

Included with Your Membership

  • All Courses (Past, Present, and Future)
  • All Workshops and Trainings
  • All Masterclasses & Advanced Trainings
  • Members-Only Community Access
  • Weekly LIVE Office Hours with Doug
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Personalized Support in the Member Community
  • Member-Only Events (Live Workshops, etc)
  • All Convology Design Packs
  • All Convology Premium Templates
  • My Tested Funnel Blueprints
  • Member-Only Exclusive Discounts & Offers

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Access to Everything at Convology

Our Entire Premium Content Library

Pro members enjoy access to ALL courses in our library. We regularly add new courses, Workshops, Masterclasses, and Trainings... and you get them ALL as part of your membership.

Rob Dyer

"Getting a lifetime membership to Convology Pro All Access was one of the best value investments I have made in my business so far.

Doug’s no BS, technology agnostic approach to problem solving is genuine and he’s hands down one of the best technology trainers or educators I’ve seen online. And I’ve seen a lot!

In his training videos and course he speaks slowly, clearly and precisely. No-one explains things better (or more thoroughly) than he does.

The courses and community inside Convology Pro are first rate. Doug is active daily and his regular Office Hours Q+A sessions are really handy and informative.

If you’re considering investing in Convology Pro I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it."

Members-Only Community

In my opinion, the best part of your membership in Convology Pro is the access you'll receive to our members-only community. 

We have spaces for discussing course material, getting support, participating in Q&A's, getting feedback, and asking general questions about business strategy and using digital tech to  solve problems.

It's the ultimate way to avoid overwhelm and the hours spent looking for solutions, and an awesome way to learn in a group setting.

Office Hours, Q&A Sessions & Live Trainings

Join us for weekly members-only office hours! We'll discuss the challenges you're facing this week and help you overcome hurdles with your marketing and tech stack.

We also hold live trainings and Q&A's when new features or tools become available. You can RSVP for every event right from within the community, so you'll always know what's happening and when.

Perk for Pro Members Only

Discounts on Coaching Calls & Services

Need expert 1-on-1 help figuring out a tech solution, or getting overwhelmed with a project? Need expert help building your website or managing your tech stack for you?

Members enjoy a 20% discount on all calls and done-for-you services. 

For many members, these savings more than pay for the entire membership each year.

Testimonials from Members

"If you're looking for world-class content and training on Thrive Themes products and how they fit with best-in-class 3rd-party tools for a WordPress stack that just works, look no further than Doug Lundberg at Convology. The best teacher I've found, by quite some distance. Super smart yet humble and approachable, Doug will get you unstuck no matter where you are in your journey."

- Gary Elley, Pro Member since March 13, 2021

"Great Office Hour last week, Doug! I feel greatly honored that my question was the main highlight of the session. Most of all, I must commend the effort you put in to go above and beyond to help your members - I never would have expected a dedicated article let alone one with such detail addressing even questions I might not have anticipated. Subscribing to your Pro Membership has proven to be my most beneficial spend this year :). Happy to be under your guidance. Much regards. Cheers!"

- Anthony Eze, Pro Member since March 17, 2022



No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

As a member, you have a special level of access to me that no one else enjoys. When you post a question in the community or send me an email, I will personally respond in a timely fashion. You'll never be left without a response and you'll never again be stuck posting your questions in a Facebook group while you sit and hope someone replies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Convology Pro cost?

Convology Pro is a one-time payment of only $999! Your Membership grants you lifetime access without a recurring payment. Some of what's included with your membership:

  • All courses at Convology ($1117 value and growing)
  • All masterclasses ($1000+ value and growing)
  • All workshops ($1000+ value and growing)
  • Office hours with Doug (Priceless? 😉)
  • Lifetime Pro community membership ($588/year value)
  • Discounts on Cohorts and done-for-you tech services

And so much more (See the full list toward the top of this page) for the one-time membership price of $999.

IMPORTANT: We raise the price regularly to reflect the increased value our members receive. 


What payment options are available?

Currently I'm offering a one-time payment option which grants 'lifetime' access to all courses and 'lifetime' access to our community membership. This is a one-time payment. Pay once and never pay again.

You can also sign up for annual membership which is $999 for your first year and then only $199 each year after that. Even on the annual membership, you save over $500 on the community membership alone. This is just one of the many perks for joining.

I'm still a complete beginner. Is this for me?

Absolutely! We have many courses taught specifically to beginners and those who haven't even started a website. The goal is for even the absolute beginners to progress through the content in the membership and come out on the other side empowered to succeed.

Is there anything here for advanced users?

Most of our advanced users with successful websites still find value in our advanced trainings and the live Q&A sessions. The purpose of the membership is to provide education and value to those who are still learning and on their journey toward achieving the success they envision for themselves.

If you've mastered your tech stack, have nothing left to learn, and don't believe you'll have questions or benefit from any level of live or asynchronous support then you probably don't need Convology Pro.

A good metric to gauge your readiness for Convology Pro is by watching my free tutorials on YouTube. If you learn from them, get unstuck, or find them helpful or valuable in some way, then you'll find value in Convology Pro.

Do I get access to everything right away?


Every course, lesson, workshop, asset, everything... it's all available to you right away. None of the content in Convology Pro is dripped and all of it can be consumed at your own pace.


Is technical support provided to members?

We have an entire section of the community dedicated to support. You can post your questions and include images, videos, audio, whatever you need. If you have questions about our courses, you can either post directly in each lesson or in the community section for each of the courses.

Support that's NOT included:

  • Hands-on work. There are simply too many members for me to be able to promise that I can log in to each and every website. If you need direct hands-on help, significantly discounted coaching calls are available.
  • Technical support for broken hosting, tools, plugins, services, etc. Reach out to the tech support for those tools. You can absolutely ask in the community if we know a workaround, though. I just can't guarantee I can or even know how to fix someone else's stuff.

How often are office hours and group calls?

Office hours are held once every two weeks, typically on Fridays, for one hour. Members can attend live and ask questions or submit questions through the community even listing for each sessions. I will answers all of the questions submitted inside the community during office hours and members who can't attend live can view them during the replace.

Questions can be asked inside of the community any time you have them. You do not need to wait for office hours. We have spaces inside the community to ask your questions and you'll get a response back inside the community. 

Can I get 1-on-1 help and support for my project?

Of course! Support in the community is tailored specifically to the individual asking for help. We also hold office hours twice a month for you to attend and ask questions live in a group setting.

Time and time again we receive emails from members saying the support in the community alone is worth the cost of their membership.

Note: This is not the same as me doing the work for you. As a member you get 20% off all done-for-you services, but those are quoted out separately from the membership.

How often is content added to the membership?


In the first year we added 6 courses, held several Q&A's, released a Workshop, and spent hundreds of hours in the community answering questions.


What is the refund policy on the membership?

You can view our refund policy for more details.

Unlimited Access to Everything for ONE payment of $999