Thrive Architect
Ultimate Essentials Course

The Only Course You need to

Become a Thrive Architect Expert

Learn from a Thrive Architect expert! I've crammed everything I know about Thrive Architect into a comprehensive, easy-to-understand course for early to late beginners. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to use Thrive Architect to build the site you've always wanted!

Available in Convology Pro or the Thrive Suite Course Bundle
(Bundle Includes: Architect, Apprentice, and Theme Builder Courses)

After This Course You'll...

  • Be comfortable using Thrive Architect as your go-to page builder for Wordpress, and leave those other clunky, pricey tools behind
  • Quickly jump right into the tool and begin using it to create amazing sites for you and your clients 
  • Feel confident that you know how to use Thrive Architect the right way, without the fear of making mistakes
  • Eliminate the stress and time wasted while you 'figure it out' on your own 

What You'll Discover in this Course

The Thrive Architect Ecosystem

We'll go over everything you need to know about the interface  and ecosystem to quickly and confidently jump right into working with Thrive Architect.

Every Element Explained

I explain and share my recommendations and use tips for each and every element. We leave no stone unturned in this essentials course.

Advanced (essential) Tips

You'll get my favorite advanced tips to help you get the most out of Thrive Architect, while still focusing on keeping it simple and essential.

It's Always Up-to-Date

Thrive Architect is ALWAYS evolving, and so does this course! Every time Thrive updates, new lessons are added or updated to keep your knowledge current.

Direct Support from Doug

When you enroll in Thrive Architect Ultimate Essentials, you get access to each lesson where you can ask questions and get direct support and answers from Doug. Working on a project with Thrive Architect and stumped about how to build something specific? Can't figure out a particular challenge or element in Thrive Architect? Just ask! For some, this level of access to help getting unstuck is worth the price of the course.

Who is This Course For?

Let's make sure you're a great fit for this course!

  • New Thrive Architect owners who want a seamless transition into Thrive's ecosystem and want to reduce ramp-up time
  • Current Thrive Architect users struggling to understand how Thrive Architect works, particularly with their understanding of elements, or struggling with something specific in TA and could use specific help
  • Early intermediate users who want to sharpen their skills with Thrive Architect to get the most out of the tool, and feel like they could use a 'best practices' guide

Do any of the above sound familiar? If so, let's get you signed up!

Course Format and What to Expect

Video Lessons

Every lesson (over 40+ and counting) in this course is taught through VIDEO where you see my screen and hear me talk as I walk you through the objectives in that lesson.

Want to try before you by? Check out the Convology Youtube Channel. If you like that style then you'll feel right at home in this course.

No Boring PowerPoint Slides, No Theory, All Practical & Hands-on

You won't find presentations or slides in this course. Every video is 100% hands-on with Thrive Architect. Anything and everything in this course is shown with real examples, including a final lesson where we put everything we learn into practice by building something together. 

Course Structure

Thrive Architect Ultimate Essentials is organized using Thrive Apprentice. When you enroll, you'll receive a login to access your course. Inside the course itself you'll find modules and lessons, starting with an introduction to the TA ecosystem. You'll also find a module containing lessons for all TA elements as well as lessons for advanced tips and projects we'll build together. 

Available Exclusively in Convology Pro
or the Thrive Suite Course Bundle