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Your Instructor & SureCart Expert

Hey there, I'm Doug from Convology! I'm leading this sales page with a little bit about myself because I truly believe that what matters most to my students is the quality time, attention, and care that I give to their success.

You'll find value from this course in numerous ways, but what sets it apart and makes it unique is the human component. We all have our superpowers, right? Mine is helping people succeed at the intersection of marketing and technology using great tools just like SureCart.

I've used SureCart since it first became available in late alpha/beta phase and devoted months of time contributing ideas and improvements while it was in development. I continue to participate as a SureCart insider, helping to shape their roadmap and features. 

This course contains my process and method for successfully using SureCart to sell digital products and courses.

The Course Curriculum

SureCart Product Setup

We explore the entire process for setting up SureCart products, including: order bumps, downloads, files, and the best way to configure products with forms.

SureCart Form Setup

Creating SureCart Forms is the most complex part of using SureCart. Not to worry! I walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, to get things configured exactly the right way.

My Recommended Settings

I walk you through all of SureCart's diverse features and show you how to set them up the way that I use them. 

Integrating with Thrive Suite

We go through each of the ways SureCart can be integrated with Thrive Suite, including check pages, member dashboards, and theme templates.

Integrating with Third-Party Tools

We'll connect SureCart to various email service providers and other third-party tools. I'll show you how I handle all of my integrations.

SureTriggers Workflow Setup

Using SureTriggers, I walk you through how you can connect SureCart's powerful API to nearly any third-party tool out there.

BONUS #1: My SureCart Checkout Page Templates

Download and use my exact SureCart checkout templates. These are plug-and-play Thrive Suite design packs that you can import directly to your site for use in seconds. You only need to add your SureCart shortcode, tweak some colors, swap your logo in, and you're all set!

BONUS #2: My SureCart Form Code

In this course I teach you everything you need to know to build a SureCart form but I'm throwing in my exact form code so you can import my SureCart form and tweak it to you liking. Simply swap your product on the form and you'll be ready to deploy this onto my SureCart Checkout Page Template in seconds. This is a HUGE timesaver!

BONUS #3: My Member Dashboard Templates (Thrive Suite)

Do you have a Thrive Apprentice site or simply want a nice looking dashboard that you can import immediately into your own site? Have mine! I'm including the exact dashboard that I use as a bonus for you to deploy into your own site. This is a Thrive Suite Design Pack, so importing it is incredibly easy.

BONUS #4: My Best Converting Sales Page Template

As an additional help to boost your launch-readiness, I'm including my best performing sales page as a template for you to import directly into your site. This template is built using Thrive Architect, so it's incredibly easy to customize and deploy.


No Question Goes Unanswered

No Question Goes Unanswered Guarantee

Every lesson in this course has a place for you to ask questions and receive a response from me. I will respond to every question and either give you the answer you need or help to point you in the right direction. You'll never be left without a response. Ever.

Who is this Course for?

  • New SureCart owners who want a complete guide to the platform taught by someone who actually uses SureCart to power their business.
  • Those with a desire to avoid making mistakes that will lead to more work later when you have to spend hours undoing them or hiring someone to fix the mess for you.
  • Someone who gets easily overwhelmed by the idea of launching a big platform by themselves and needs a step-by-step blueprint for getting set up.
  • If you value the idea of having an expert standing by to help you get unstuck and moving forward when you run into questions, without having to post on a Facebook group or send in a ticket to some support rep who doesn't use the product to actually run their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email me ([email protected]) if you still have questions!

What's the course format?

All lessons are video lessons and pre-recorded. When you enroll you get access to the entire course right away and you can work through the course at your own pace.

How do I get help if I have questions?

Every lesson has an area for discussion. If you are a member of the Convology Community, you can post inside of the community and join us for weekly office hours.

What tools and tech do I need? Will I have to buy anything else?

You need a SureCart account. I recommend the Business or Pro tier because that's where you'll get the features that set SureCart apart from other tools. While this course is mostly about using SureCart, I will reference and showcase tools from Thrive Suite, so I highly recommend you have those tools installed.

Is there a community for the course?

All-Access Members and Community Members have access to the Convology Community where they can interact and engage with other members. I offer a higher level of support here along with weekly office hours, coaching sessions, masterclasses, and more. If you aren't a member, you can still communicate with me and other students within each of the lessons in this course.

Can you help me personally with my SureCart setup?

This course is meant to be DIY and a fraction of the cost you'd spend hiring me to do it for you. Since I can only serve so many people individually, this course takes everything I know about SureCart and packages it in such a way that it's easy to follow and implement on your own. 

If you end up needing hands-on help or support because you don't have the time or simply don't want to do it yourself, I offer tech help calls you can book.

What is the refund policy?