Become an Expert at THrive Theme Builder

Without feeling lost or frustrated

What You'll Learn from the
Thrive Theme Builder
 Essentials Course

  • How to get started quickly with Thrive Theme Builder
  • How to create your core templates the RIGHT way (this is key!)
  • Best practices for using templates
  • Tips & recommendations for migrating to Theme Builder
  • ... and a whole lot more from a seasoned Theme Builder expert

Course Curriculum


Module 1: Getting Started with Thrive Theme Builder

We walk through the setup wizard step, learn about typography, branding, and how to set up your site before moving on to creating your templates. You'll also learn about how templates work as part of your theme and how to use the template library.


Module 2: Creating Your Core Templates

We walk through setting up your own templates for each of the core pages as well as the header and footer. During this walkthrough you'll learn the best practices for how to implement the right type of homepage, use dynamic content across all pages, and avoid the common pitfalls most new Theme Builder users get stuck on.


Module 3: Additional Lessons (tips, recommends, best practices)

The additional lesson module contains my tips, best practices, and expert advice for using Theme Builder. This library continues to grow as new features become available to Theme Builder. Right now you'll discover:

  • How to create Silo pages for categories and boost your SEO
  • Using the new Off-Screen Sidebar feature
  • Must-know tips about site speed with Theme Builder
  • How to import and export themes
  • Avoiding the dreaded "disappearing homepage" issue

Module 4: Migrating to Thrive Theme Builder

Most people already have an existing website before choosing to switch to Thrive Theme Builder. We go different scenarios and I share my thoughts and advice on each:

  • Migrating from a site build with Thrive Architect pages / old Thrive Themes
  • Migrating from a site that never used Thrive before at all
  • Tips before your migrate and the best way to migrate an existing site


Module 5: Introduction to WooCommerce & Thrive Theme Builder

Do you have an ecommerce store using WooCommerce or want to start one? I have over 6 months experience running multiple ecommerce websites with Thrive Theme Builder, and I'm sharing my insights in this Bonus Workshop! (Note: Soon to be sold separately)

This Bonus Workshop is a great way to learn the ins and outs of using Theme Builder with WooCommerce. We walk through each template, show you what's customizable, discuss my recommendations, and learn a great trick for how to build beautiful product pages.

Amazing Benefits from Enrolling

It's Always Up-to-Date

As Thrive Theme Builder constantly evolves to include new features, this course continually adds lessons to cover those new topics.

This course is NEVER obsolete.

Support from Doug

Get direct support from a Thrive Theme Builder expert! Can't figure something out? I'm here to help! Support is offered within each lesson's comments area. While this is still a do-it-yourself course, you won't feel like you're left alone to figure things out.

Who is This Course For?

Let's make sure you're a great fit for this course! Do you identify with any of these?

  • New Thrive Theme Builder users who are looking for help getting started with the ins and outs of this platform.
  • Those who have encountered issues with creating templates and struggling to figure out why something they made isn't working.
  • Self-motivated learners who like knowing how to do things. They don't have to be masters at this, just know and learn enough to get their website started under their own power!

Identify with any of the above? If so, let's get you signed up!

Course Format and What to Expect

Video Lessons

Every lesson  in this course is taught through VIDEO where you see my screen and hear me talk as I walk you through the objectives in each lesson.

I'm a free-form teacher. I take each topic as a general guideline, and we dive in and explore together. If you're looking for a non-techy exploration and deep dive into the subject from someone who shares their insights along the way then that's me.

Want to try before you by? Check out the Convology Youtube Channel. If you like that style then you'll feel right at home in this course.

No Boring PowerPoint Slides, No Theory, All Practical & Hands-on

You won't find presentations or slides in this course. Every video is 100% hands-on with Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect. I show real-world examples and show how I am personally using what I teach.

I Personally Practice What I Teach

The things I teach are the things I actually use, do, practice, and believe in for my own websites. I run a marketing agency that handles hundreds of websites for real businesses. Each of them runs on Theme Builder, and each of them was built on the foundation taught in this course.