Thrive Apprentice does not come with the options to drip course content to your students or members. To drip modules, chapters, and lessons you need to use WishList Member and set both Content Protection and Content Control options.

In this tutorial, I'm going to walk you through how to set up those protection and control options as well as go over the two options you have for delivering the course content:

  1. Dripping course content on a delay (evergreen)
  2. Dripping or launching content on a specific date for all of your students / members (launch formula)

How to Drip Thrive Apprentice Course Content at Specific Time Intervals

First we need to set up WishList Member Content Control settings. Content Control is where we control how content is delivered, and in this case it's being set at specific time intervals from when the student first signs up for the course.

  1. Navigate to WishList Member > Content Control
  2. Enable Content Scheduler
  3. In the inner navigation, find Thrive Apprentice Module (or chapters / lessons if you desire)
  4. Check the box next to the first module you want to set a delayed delivery time
  5. Above the list of modules click the "Select an Action" and choose "Set Content Schedule (Drip)"
  6. Choose the membership level you want to drip to, how long to show the content after, then click Set Content Schedule. If you see a notice to protect content first, simply choose Yes.

People now have access to your first module.

WLM Drip Content Schedule

Repeat this process for each module and choose the total amount of time that should pass before they gain access to that module. If Module 2 was delivered 3 days after they signed up, Module 3 should be 3 days + the next delay. So another 3 days delay would be 6 days.

How to Drip or Launch Thrive Apprentice Course Content for All Members on Specific Days

This method follows more of a launch formula rather than an evergreen format. With this method you'll give access to ALL of your students on a specific date, then automatically give ALL members at the same time access to the next module/chapter/lesson, and so on. This is perfect for content creators who open a course for registration then close their course to new students and work with each new semester or group of students until they've worked through the whole course.

In this method, we're essentially moving our members from one membership level to the next. All fully automated, but set up ahead of time. Here's how you do that.

  1. Set up Membership Levels for each of the specific days that all members will get access to a new portion of the course. You do this under WishList Member > Setup > Levels (I like to name mine
    • I like to name my levels "Course Name" -> "Course Name - Launch Day" -> "Course Name Day 2" and so on. You should adjust to whatever organization method makes sense for you.
  2. Under Levels, go into your first membership level which is the one they gained access to when they purchased your course. Click on the membership level and go to the Action tab. Add an action.
  3. Under "When this happens..." choose "Added to this Level"
  4. Under "Then do this." choose "move to Level(s)"
  5. Under "Level(s)" choose the next sequential membership level that will correspond to your launch day.
  6. Choose Schedule ON ... then choose the date you want the course to launch. This is the date your students/members will all be moved to the launch date level and be given access to that first launch lesson.
  7. You can choose to send them the default level notification settings (emails set up for this membership level) or not. You may choose to use SendFox for those automations or another email service provider.
WishList Member content control drip schedule

Now you will repeat this process for each membership level in sequential order, granting access to the next day's (or Week's) course content that you want to drip out to your entire roster.

Now that we have the membership level automations set up, we need to set up what these membership levels give access to inside of Thrive Architect. To do this, we use WishList Member's Content Protection tools.

  1. Enable Protection under Content Protection (if it's not enabled already)
  2. Navigate to Thrive Apprentice Module (or chapter / lesson)
  3. Click the name of the first Module you want to protect. This should be your Launch Day module.
  4. Set Protection status to Protected
  5. Under "Add Membership Level" choose your Launch Day membership level. Now also choose all subsequent membership levels because when they move on to the next module you still want them to have access to the previous content. Future modules will not have the previous days, only future days.
  6. Be sure to click the blue "+ Add Level" button when done.

Repeat this process for each Module until you've protected all of your content with the Membership Levels we've created.

Opening Your Course Again in the Future and Restarting the Launch Formula

When you decide to take new students into the process, simply go back to the "Actions" we set up and change the dates for when members should be progressed through the membership levels. This is a very simple step to restart your automations while allowing all existing students to remain at the final membership level.


Thrive Apprentice is a fantastic tool for housing the content and providing the structure of your courses, but you can extend complex functionality (like evergreen drips and launch formula access) by adding on the robust features of WishList Member.

If you have any questions about this setup, don't hesitate to reach out. If you've already tinkered a lot with your settings, you may find yourselves in tangled mess of permissions and access rules/restrictions. 

  • This doesn’t really work as you describe. If I protect and drip content at the module level, the lessons underneath are still visible to the member. You have to do every module and all the lessons underneath them individually. It’s really onerous.

    • It has taken a hit in recent updates, but it does still work if you go lesson by lesson. And yes, it’s extremely onerous. I’m hoping they implement official support for course drip.

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