Tech Stack Coaching

Personalized tech help when you need it, without a schedule.

What is Asynchronous Coaching?

Simply put, it’s coaching that doesn’t happen in real time on a Zoom call.

Instead of saving all of your questions and asking them on a single 1-hour call with me, you can ask me your questions, as many as you want and as you think of them, at any time. Then, I can respond back to your questions at any time.

What options are there for communicating?

Record videos effortlessly

You can record your questions straight into the platform or upload videos from Loom or YouTube. Sharing your screen is a great way to showcase something.

Send audio messages

I have clients who will record their questions while they’re out on a walk instead of trying to type everything.

Type up your question

Sometimes it’s really convenient to simply drop a quick question into the conversation with a typed up question.

Doug Lundberg is absolutely the best Thrive Themes developer with whom I’ve ever worked. He’s also a master of integrating 3rd party (non-Thrive) technology such as CRMs and shopping carts within a Thrive-centric stack. He’s also easy to work with, a clear communicator, and an excellent coach.

Coaching Client

What topics can we cover with Asynchronous Coaching?

We can cover just about any questions you have about your tech stack / digital marketing.

Don’t know what tools to use or can’t figure out how to get past a particular roadblock?

We all have those moments when we wish we had an expert on speed dial. Asynchronous Coaching is the perfect solution to get you unstuck and moving forward in the right direction.

Getting help with Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Apprentice
Building a site with Astra/Spectra
Integrating ThriveCart with your tech stack
Creating a SureCart sales funnel with complex integrations
Building automations in HighLevel
Setting up a membership site with SureMembers
Setting up DNS for Amazon SES with FluentCRM
Strategizing sales and business funnels
… and so much more

Choose Your Asynchronous Coaching Plan 👉

Each plan comes with unlimited asynchronous coaching. Select the length that works for you.

If you’re working on a larger project or know that you regularly need help, I recommend a month or three months. You’ll save by booking more time with me.

If you just need help getting something across the finish line or asking a few question, then I recommend you buy a week at a time.

One Week

Get unlimited asynchronous help from me one week at a time.


One Month

Get unlimited asynchronous help from me on a monthly basis.


Three Months

Get unlimited asynchronous help from me three months at a time.


You can count on him to tell it like it is

When you work with Doug, you don’t just get the basics of what a marketer does. He goes above and beyond in every aspect to make sure that you are always proud to display the work being done. He is very pro-active in getting tasks accomplished and you can count on him to tell it like it is 100% of the time.

Portable Benefit Network

His help was invaluable

I’ve used Convology many times, having him debug a problem on my website, or install and configure plugins, or integrate Thrive Leads with Mail Chimp so that I can start building my email list. His help was invaluable. My website is a million times faster than before I started using Doug and his services. It’s more stable, more flexible, and because of the performance, its getting more traffic and generating more leads for my email list. Without Doug’s help, I’d be lost. Thanks Doug for everything.

Mark Cheverton

I got so much value from our session

Hey I really enjoyed working with you this morning. I saw a couple of your youtube videos and I said this guys gets it and it’s really simple the way he explains things. I feel like I got every bit of my dollar and more with our session. Keep up the good work and once I finish this project I may call you to go to the next level with some things I am working on.

Jenny Jones
Jones Educational Academy

I can highly recommend Doug

Doug from Convology was brilliant in helping me sort out my ThriveApprentice / Membership / Payment problems. I have some basic skills on the website front, but was needing someone with skills in knowing how Thrive Themes, Thrive Apprentice, and the membership plugin I wanted to use integrated together.

I can highly recommend Doug from Convology from my experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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