Thrive Suite consists of a page builder, a course platform, a quiz builder, a scarcity tool, a lead-gen tool and more. Each of these presents their own challenges with respect to slowing down a website and requiring a caching plugin to enhance page speed.

The Two Best Caching Plugins for Thrive Suite

Working with and currently managing over 300 websites built in Thrive Theme Builder, I have extensive hands-on experience working with caching plugins to create the optimal visitor experience. I've settled on two that I highly recommend based on the following criteria:

  • Performance gains
  • Price
  • Ease-of-use
  • Integrations with other tools

The two best caching plugins to use with Thrive Suite are W3 Total Cache and Breeze.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is completely free and should work on any hosting you use. Thrive Suite also integrates with W3 Total Cache directly, allowing you to install the plugin and configure all of the necessary settings in just 1 click each. It does not get any simpler than that. You can access this under the 

thrive theme builder caching plugin settings

Integrating a CDN is also possible, though separate from the one-click setup with Thrive Suite. If you're interested in using the best CDN for Thrive Suite with W3 Total Cache, you can check out my tutorial.

Breeze by Cloudways

For those of you using Cloudways (if you're not, its the fastest hosting for Thrive Suite that I've found), they have an in-house caching plugin they made called Breeze. The Breeze plugin is literally a breeze to install. You simply push the button and it's on. Cloudways takes care of the rest. 

There are still many more options you can tinker with, such as enabling minification if you want to pick up a few extra points on those silly speed tests and exclusions to ensure your ecommerce and dynamic course integrations work without a hitch. Breeze does come fully configured to support WooCommerce as well, so if you're using the new WooCommerce integration with Thrive Apprentice you'll be all set.

Oh, and it's completely free if you have Cloudways.

Integrating with the Best CDN for Thrive Suite

To round out the caching plugin tutorial, I highly recommend you consider using a CDN which will dramatically reduce the load on your server (thus speeding it up) as well as creating a much faster experience for visitors regardless of which coast they're on or even whether they're across the world. 

Check out my latest tutorial on the Best CDN for Thrive Suite where I show you everything you need to know about connecting BunnyNet to either of these caching plugins.

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