Use a Thrive Apprentice Course as a Lead Magnet

Free Courses are a great and easy way to grow your email list. In this tutorial we're going to look at how we can use courses as lead magnets and give someone access to a course in exchange for their name and email address.

To make this all happen, we're going to use Thrive Automator which is part of the Thrive Suite, so no additional tools are necessary.

This process will automatically create an account for the user, enroll them in the course, email their credentials to them, and add them to your email list. All without you having to do a thing!

You can also watch the guided video version of this tutorial below.

Step 1: Create a Form

Create a form using the Lead Generation element and add it anywhere you want your opt-in form. You can also use Thrive Leads for this as well since it uses the same form feature. You can customize this form's visual looks however you like.

With the form selected, on the left side options panel under Main Options drop down the Advanced section. Give the form a unique identifier that you will recognize when having to identify it later.

You can also select what happens after successful submission, a section just above the advanced toggle you just finished editing. This is where the user is redirected. This might be a confirmation page where you remind the user to check their email. 

Using a Subdomain?

NOTE: If your website with the form is on a different domain than your courses (like mine) then you will want to use the Webhook triggers in Thrive Automator. I have a complete tutorial on how to use Webhooks to enroll students in Thrive Apprentice courses.

subdomain for membership and courses site

Step 2: Create a Thrive Automator Automation

Create a new Thrive Automation in Thrive Automator. For the Trigger, choose Form Submit.

Instead of always trigger, in the dropdown select Specific form. This specific form is the name we set for the form identifier in Step 1.

Now add an action using the + symbol below the trigger.

Choose 'Find or create user'. 

Select the Subscriber role. Click done.

Add another action and choose Grant access to product.

Select the product you want to give the user access to when they fill out the form. Products are a Thrive Apprentice terminology. If you're not familiar with Products, I have a complete tutorial on Thrive Apprentice Products and  how they work.

In this case, you will have created a product specifically for your course. Select that here.

Add another action.

View all actions and choose Tag User in Autoresponder.

Choose the autoresponder you use. Don't have one set up yet? I recommend FluentCRM if you like a really affordable and easy-to-use option built right into WordPress. If you prefer a SaaS hosted solution, go with Activecampaign. To connect your autoresponder, go to Thrive Dashboard > API > and integrate your email marketing tool there.

Fill in the tag you want to use and hit enter. I typically name mine something like Lead Magnet: Name of Course. You can tag however you want.

In the upper left, give your automation a name and hit enter. Then toggle it on to Publish in the top right and click save and finish.

Step 3: Create the Email Welcome Template in Thrive Apprentice

Go to Thrive Apprentice > Settings > Email templates > New Account Crated.

Make sure the check box at the bottom is checked for 'when a user registers to create a new free account'.

This email is what Thrive Apprentice sends users in order to give them their login credentials. You will need to leave the two shortcodes in place for the username and email, but the rest of the email can be edited however you want. 

It's important to remember that this email is for ALL courses, products, etc., on your website. So I like to keep it general and simply welcome them to my site in general rather than to a specific course.

  • A says:

    Hi Doug, when I buy your apprentice course, do I have access lifetime, or only a year? I know you have pro membership, but only want to know about apprentice course. Also I like to know what templates do you give inside this course.

    • Doug says:

      The course is a one-time purchase and you receive all future updates to the course. My Dashboard templates (v2.0 and v3.0) are available in the course.

  • Dave says:

    Hey Doug, thanks for the post on this.

    My question is about what happens with the account creation process in this workflow…so the potential lead signs up for the free course and Thrive Automator creates a subscriber account for them and Thrive Apprentice sends the “New Account Created” email.

    In the email it has the user password shortcode and “The password you chose during registration.”

    But there was never a password set up for the subscriber account, so what actually happens here?

    Does the email generate a password for them to login or do they need to click a link somewhere and finish their registration by setting up their password to then login and get the free course?

    • Doug says:

      The shortcode stating “the password you chose during registration” can be ignored and the user will never see it. The system will auto-assign a password.

      • Dave says:

        Super. Thanks for the response! One last question about the flow…

        The lead signs up for the free course and Thrive Automator creates the subscriber account and the “New Account Created” email gets sent…

        After the sign-up could I immediately re-direct them to the course page and they would be auto-logged in as a subscriber and have instant access to the free course OR

        Would there still need to be some account creation aspects done by the user and so it’s better after a signup to redirect them to a “here’s what you need to do next to access your course” page where I explain they need to check their email for the “New Account Created” email and log-in with the provided credentials (and also change their password)?

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