Interact Quiz Maker Alternative: Thrive Quiz Builder

Interact Quiz Maker Alternative

by Doug at Convology

The best Interact Quiz Maker alternative for building Quiz Funnels, generating leads, segmenting your audience, and growing your email list is Thrive Quiz Builder.

TLDR Key Summary

  • $89 / month
  • SaaS Product
  • 3 quiz types
  • Excellent color customization options and templates as a starting point
  • All the analytics, tracking, and segmenting you need for quiz funnels.
  • $67 one-time payment
  • WordPress plugin
  • 4 quiz types
  • Robust page-building editor to enhance result pages and opt-ins
  • All the analytics, tracking, and segmenting you need for quiz funnels.

Interact Quiz Maker vs. Thrive Quiz Builder Features

The majority of this writeup will focus on comparing the main features of Interact with Thrive Quiz Builder. I'm going to highlight the feature of Interact and then explain how both Interact and Thrive Quiz Builder handles this feature. I'll tell you which one handles the feature better, or if they both get the job done.

Quiz Types

Both tools have comparable quiz types, with TQB edging out Interact by one quiz type. 

Interact emphasizes three main quiz types:

  1. Personality - Category based result
  2. Scored - Answers have values and the result is the sum of your score
  3. Assessment - Right and wrong "how many did you get right" type of quiz

Thrive Quiz Builder has four quiz categories:

  1. Number
  2. Percentage
  3. Right/Wrong
  4. Category

Both tools ask the creator to identify which type of quiz they're going to make before they can begin.

Templates, Colors, Styles, and Visual Editing

Interact offers 800+ templates for quizzes that you can choose as a starting point. While most of these are worthless to anyone trying to make an actual quiz that will help their business, they do act as a starting point. Interact offers fairly comprehensive control over colors which is nice to have so that you can customize at least the fonts and colors.

Interact Quiz Maker's color customization and style settings are very nice

Thrive Quiz Builder offers 4 generic designs to choose from (they're okay, but nothing special) that can not be edited without knowledge of CSS. While this is something they're working to improve, it's not currently available. This is definitely the weak spot for TQB right now.

interact quiz maker result page

Interact Quiz Maker result page editor

General editing of the result page and other "pages" is extremely weak with Interact. They let you edit specific areas only, whereas Thrive Quiz Builder gives you total control over the visual styling with their Thrive elements.

Branching Logic Editor

branching logic editor

Both TQB and Interact have a visual branching logic editor with drag and drop functionality. Both can drag from a particular answer in a question to another question, creating complex and robust logic trees. I like Interact's ability to set an end point, though. I think that's a very nice touch. Functionally, it's accomplished the same way with TQB but I like how Interact represents this.

Segmentation and Tagging

What you do with the person's data after they take your quiz is the most important aspect of the Quiz Funnel process. Both of these tools get the job done with:

  • Tagging based on specific answers
  • Segmenting based on end result
  • Passing all data to email service providers
  • Showing dynamic results based on answers

Both also have the option to redirect the user practically anywhere or show the results dynamically within the application. 

Analytics & Tracking

Both platforms provide great analytics and tracking. You can integrate Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, track the usage of your quizzes, etc.

  • Showing results for a specific user to see their answer path
  • Tracking leads
  • Integrating with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

TQB may have more customization as to how this tracking is implemented, and how that data can tie in with other pages on your website (because it's a plugin for WordPress and not a hosted solution), but ultimately both are going to get you the data you need.


Price is always important, but in a case like this it's such an outrageous difference that it makes you have to stop and really think about why the price disparity is so large.

Interact Quiz Maker Pricing

Interact's Lite plan is absurd with no conversion tracking, limited integrations, and no brandding. So we have to evaluate the platform at a cost of $89/month or $636 Annually as a starting point. That's a HEFTY price to pay for access to the tool with no ownership of the platform.  More on that in a moment.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing

Thrive Quiz Builder comes in at $67 for one website with no requirement to pay annually for anything but additional support (which you can then buy at any time you actually need support). Once you buy the plugin, you'll get unlimited free updates. 

SaaS vs. WordPress Plugin

Interact is a "software as a service" product which means you are paying for on-going access to a tool that is hosted on their servers, managed entirely by their team, and provided to you as a service for you to use. There's nothing inherently wrong with the SaaS model. Netflix, Photoshop, ConvertBox, and even my own Convology Funnels are great examples of SaaS that make total sense. But there are considerations.


You don't own a SaaS product. If Interact closed their doors tomorrow, your quizzes would vanish. The liklihood of this happening is extremely low, but it's something I always bring up whenever comparing a hosted vs. self-hosted solution.

Maintenance / Hosting

Interact is hosted for you. It's a proprietary closed platform. Thrive Quiz Builder is a plugin for WordPress, which means you must have your own hosting and care for (or pay for) the management of your website. For some, this is entirely where that monthly fee comes into play. For some it's a no-brainer to pay for this and not have to worry about a thing.

Where Your Quizzes Can be Used

Hosted solutions like Interact Quiz Maker can go on any website whether it's Shopify, Clickfunnels, WordPress, Leadpages, Weebly, or Squarespace. If you can embed HTML and Javascript then you can use Interact Quiz Maker. Thrive Quiz Builder is built for WordPress and must be used on a self-hosted WordPress site. 


Interact Quiz Maker

Thrive Quiz Builder

Quiz Types



Pre-Built Quiz Templates

Color Customization (comprehensive)


Extremely Limited

Page Design Control / Editing

Extremely Limited


Scoring + Weighting

Branching + Skipping

Dynamic Results

Segmentation & Tagging

Integrations (Email, Webinar, etc)

Analytics / Tracking

Platform - Do You Own It?

Proprietary Platform

WordPress (Open-Source)

Usable on

Any site with HTML/JS Embed

Your WordPress Site Only



Hosting Required



$67 One-Time Fee

Additional Considerations

Thrive Quiz Builder is enhanced by its compatibility with the other plugins built by Thrive. These include: Thrive Architect (the best pagebuilder for WordPress), Thrive Leads (a lead-gen tool), Thrive Apprentice (for building online courses), and Thrive Theme Builder (for making beautiful and fully-custom WordPress themes). All of these tools (and more) are available in the Thrive Themes Membership, which is currently $19/month. That price STILL comes in at a fraction of the $89/month for Interact, which is only for building quizzes. 


The decision between these two Quiz funnel tools will come down to price and usability. Otherwise, they are fairly evenly matched. If you're choosing based on price, Thrive Quiz Builder is your choice. If 'where' the quiz can be used and needing to have your own WordPress website are major factors for you, then check out Interact Quiz Maker.

Bottom line, if you're looking for an alternative to Interact Quiz Maker then the best solution out there is Thrive Quiz Builder.

If you have any questions about building Quiz Funnels, particularly with Thrive, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

  • Great Review, I finally went with Thrive quizz as it has the best bang for buck and I can naturally build everything under my wp site.

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