Convology: Thrive Themes Consulting and Conversion Tutorials

What is Convology?

Convology is a completely made-up term to describe the science of conversion. Years ago while eating lunch with a friend -- who was also a conversion optimization enthusiast -- we were trying to come up with a name for a website where we would one day provide tutorials, references, and consulting for website owners looking to use their websites and digital tools to get more customers. That's when it dawned on us that we had made careers out of studying and becoming experts in consumer behavior, digital interactions, connectivity, and conversion -- thus, Convology! Though my friend passed away before Convology began, I've carried on with the dream to grow this concept from a hobby into a website, then into a resource, and ultimately one day a community for those with a passion for conversion to come together and learn, share, and discover.

Who is the team behind Convology?

My name is Doug, and I'm the sole convologist behind I have always had a passion for marketing. Since 2005, I've actively participated in growing businesses and communities using this thing we call the Internet. In 2007, I launched my first website, which quickly grew beyond 160,000 monthly readers. Fast forward to the present: I'm the co-founder of a digital marketing and media production company called MD Media Experience, where we help physicians from all medical specialties acquire more patients. I also independently consult with businesses and entrepreneurs as a digital marketing conversion expert.

Why Thrive Themes?

Four years ago I discovered Thrive Themes, and it was like an answer to my prayers. For years and years, I had pieced together different solutions to build email lists and create websites, but never before had I found a company embodying my conversion-focused mindset. As I immersed myself in Thrive, I knew things would never be the same. Using Thrive, I have been able to radically improve my businesses. I've made more sales, reached more people, saved so much time, and accomplished better results than I would have ever been able to achieve otherwise. So in a way, as cliche as it sounds, Thrive Themes changed my life.

I believe in Thrive Themes products. I believe in what they stand for and promote. Their plugins are, in my opinion, the greatest tools available for marketers out there -- and we're all marketers. 

There are many, many other great products out there that I also cover here at Convology. Though Thrive products will be the foundation for a lot of what I do, I will continue to expand my tutorials, reviews, and other website content to give people the best information I can to improve their conversion and marketing results.

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