Thrive Apprentice Consultant & Integrator

Finally create the course you've dreamed of making for years, but never had the time, technical confidence, or project management skills to bring it all together.

Let's Scratch the Surface of
What I Can Help You Achieve in Thrive Apprentice...

Build Your Entire Course & Membership Platform

I'll help you organize your courses, build your products, and deploy your site in the most efficient way possible.

Implement Drip & Access Restrictions

Have a challenging drip or access restriction timeline for your content? Not a problem! I can implement all of your access protocols.

Configure Your Entire Tech Stack to Work Seamlessly

I'll integrate your tech stack with all of your tools, such as email marketing providers, in a way that makes sense (the right way).

... and So Much More

A Course Website Built Custom to Your Needs

Every aspect of Thrive Apprentice can be customized specific to your brand, your presentation, and what you want your members to see.

Perfectly Curated Student Experience

Design a seamless experience for your students from the very first moment they visit your site. We'll hand-craft the purchase sequence, acquiring login credentials, accessing content, and everything in between.

Payment Integration & Setup

I can handle all of the techy integrations with payment solutions like ThriveCart and Stripe to create a seamless checkout experience for your students.

Remove the Tech Stack Frankenstein Monster

No more headaches. No more rats nest of different tools and crossed wires with things constantly breaking or never working just right. I can simplify your tech stack without sacrificing any of its capabilities.

Expert 1-on-1 
Thrive Apprentice Coaching and Training

Trying to overcome a specific roadblock with Thrive Apprentice or know that you only need a little bit of help to help set you on the right path? My coaching calls are the perfect solution.

Here are some of the ways I've coached clients in the past:

  • Customizing Thrive Apprentice design templates
  • Configuring drip campaigns with complex access restriction variables
  • Integrating email marketing tools like FluentCRM with Thrive Apprentice
  • Crafting a beautiful user experience for students that keeps them engaged
  • Creating a marketing automation sales funnel for free and paid courses
  • Improving conversion rates for course sales pages
  • Improving conversion rates for course sales pages

Book Your Coaching Call


Per Hour of Coaching

  • Personalized Coaching & Training       
  • Hands-on Help Directly with Your Website and Thrive Apprentice Tech Stack
  • Talk Strategy & Implementation for Your Course / Membership Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer complete done-for-you services in addition to help calls?

Yes, I do. Most of my clients are able to accomplish everything they need for their project in 1-3 sessions which is a substantial savings over what they would spend if they handed over the entire project to me. 

If you don't have the time and don't wish to learn or do this side-by-side, then we can discuss your project and move toward project-based solution. I recommend you book an hour with me, and if we end up working on a project together I'll discount the cost of the coaching call from your project.

Is this just a "strategy" call, or can go hands-on with my website?

This is not just a strategy call, though we can talk all the strategy you want. This call is a call where we can roll our sleeves up and go hands-on with your website, talk tech ideas, unpack solutions, come up with workarounds, troubleshoot Thrive Apprentice, or whatever you need to get unstuck or moving forward with your courses and membership. 

Will there be screensharing during calls?

Yes, we will use Zoom to facilitate the call. Please be at a computer if you'd like to do more than talk.

Will the coaching/training/help be customized for me?

Yes, everything we do will be specific to your business/website and all coaching will be catered specifically toward helping you overcome any obstacles or challenges you're facing. This is YOUR hour.

Do I need a camera?

No, you can join the Zoom call with just a microphone and a computer.

Does the call need to go a full hour?

You're booking the hour with me and I'm going to show up expecting to spend that entire hour with you. If we get you unstuck and moving forward in less time, and you do not wish to use the remaining time, that's your choice.

Any unused time you choose to give up is forfeit and can not be reserved for future calls.

Jenny Jones Founder CEO, Jones Educational Academy

I feel like I got every bit of my dollar and more with our session

Hey I really enjoyed working with you this morning. I saw a couple of your youtube videos and I said this guys gets it and it’s really simple the way he explains things. I was getting ready to reach out to UpWork to hire someone I didn’t know, but then I thought I have never seen their work and don’t know if they really actually know what they are talking about. So I went to your website and reached out to you for a free consult and you were booked solid so I emailed you and told you that I really needed to get in an appointment in the next 24 hours (crossing my fingers you would say yes) and you did. I am glad you did because now I can go ahead and finish my site instead of pay to host my site else where because of my deadline. Thank you again for working with me and being flexible. I feel like I got every bit of my dollar and more with our session. Keep up the good work and once I finish this project I may call you to go to the next level with some things I am working on.

Mark Cheverton Author

His help was invaluable

I’ve used Convology many times, having him debug a problem on my website, or install and configure plugins, or integrate Thrive Leads with Mail Chimp so that I can start building my email list. His help was invaluable. My website is a million times faster than before I started using Doug and his services. It’s more stable, more flexible, and because of the performance, its getting more traffic and generating more leads for my email list. Without Doug’s help, I’d be lost. Thanks Doug for everything.

Amy Practice Manager, Jason Martin MD

Our marketing success rate has skyrocketed

Over the last 18 months we have had the pleasure of working very closely with Doug Lundberg, and the change in our marketing success rate has skyrocketed. Doug has been truly instrumental in helping us market and advertise our practice in a unique way that has increased not only the amount of responses to our ads but also reaching genuinely interested people who in turn become patients.


I can highly recommend Doug from Convology

Doug from Convology was brilliant in helping me sort out my Thrive Apprentice/Membership/Payment problems. I have some basic skills on the website front, but was needing someone with skills in knowing how Thrive Themes, Thrive Apprentice, and the membership plugin I wanted to use integrated together.

After initial contact, Doug scheduled a conference call with me, and we discussed my issues. He outlined a scope for the project, offering a couple of different options. He communicated promptly and with a final conference call, we finalised what I needed for my project to be underway.

I can highly recommend Doug from Convology from my experiences. Thanks Doug for helping sort out my Membership/Payment funnel. I look forward to working with you in more projects.

Matt Portable Benefit Network

You can count on him to tell it like it is 100% of the time

When you work with Doug, you don’t just get the basics of what a marketer does. He goes above and beyond in every aspect to make sure that you are always proud to display the work being done. He is very pro-active in getting tasks accomplished and you can count on him to tell it like it is 100% of the time.