New Tutorial Hubs (and lots of new tutorials!)

Here's the latest Convology Update! If there's a tutorial you'd like me to make be sure to reply to this email so that I can add it to the queue.

New Tutorials

 ðŸŽ¥ Video Tutorial Available!

Thrive Theme Builder Default Page

What should be the easiest and simplest template to create has become a real pain point for many. Here's the best way to set yours up.

 ðŸŽ¥ Video Tutorial Available!

Give Access to Thrive Apprentice with SureCart and SureTriggers

Learn how to connect SureCart to Thrive Apprentice via SureTriggers to open up a lot more third-party integrations.

 ðŸŽ¥ Video Tutorial Available!

Sync Data When Using SureCart on Multiple Sites

It took weeks of working with SureCart's devs but I was able to get this feature built for us. Check out what's possible now with SureCart on multiple sites!

 ðŸŽ¥ Video Tutorial Available!

SureCart Cart Icon in Theme Builder Nav

Many of you want to use SureCart's add-to-cart feature. Here's how to add the cart icon for it in Thrive Theme Builder (it's not obvious).

A couple of new changes are coming to for how I present content and help visitors find the content that matters to them most.

The idea of a "blog" is now gone. It doesn't fit the experience I'm providing. Instead, I now have a "Tutorials" section in my navigation. Under Tutorials you will find "View All Tutorials" and then specific "silo pages" for tutorials on topics that are most popular amongst the visitors to my site.

I was able to finish up two of the tutorial pages so far:

  1. Thrive Apprentice Tutorials
  2. SureCart Tutorials

I plan to have Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder done next. From there I'd love your input on what tech in your stack is missing the type of tutorials that I provide.

To close out this week's update I want to thank you all for those who emailed me with feedback on the first Convology update newsletter. Your input is super helpful.


  • Rob Dyer says:

    I would find a FluentCRM page helpful. There’s still not many quality independent FCRM tutorials outside of YouTube. I think it would serve a growing audience and is a good fit for Convology followers.

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