Thrive Apprentice Analytics

Thrive Apprentice analytics can track a variety of interesting and important course metrics, such as: enrollments, completions, progress, drop-off, and quiz reports.

In this tutorial I walk you through how to view and the data as well as how to interpret and think about the numbers that you're seeing as they pertain to a real-world example.

As with all analytics data, it's only useful if you understand how to use it to affect change.

The core of this tutorial is available in the video linked below.

How to access Thrive apprentice analytics

Go to the 'Reports' section in the side blue navigation bar and you'll be shown the reports section in Thrive Apprentice.

Apprentice Snapshot

The snapshot is an overview of your course analytics with aggregate data from all courses. It's helpful to get an idea for overall student interaction with your courses. You'll have access to data like:

  • Which courses are the most popular
  • What the average course progress is for all courses
  • How many new members signed up and logged in during the time period
  • Course completion metrics 

I think of this section similar to how I think about something like a website analytics overview page. You can look at it for 10 seconds and get a few important metrics and put your mind at ease that it's "working". 

Progress and Lesson Drop-off Rate

Drop-offs are the most important data you can view in your course analytics. This data shows which lessons in a course are skipped or where users stop progressing through a course.

Drop-off rates help identify where you have gaps in content. Perhaps the last-viewed lesson missed the mark, or perhaps the content in the skipped lessons wasn't on point with the rest of the information. 

Whatever the reason, you wouldn't know such an issue existed without the drop-off metrics.

Course & Lesson Completion

While generally not as useful as drop-off rates, course and lesson completion data can help you understand how your users are consuming the content.

Make sure you've built in the "mark complete" feature into your buttons and links that progress students from one lesson to the next. If you do not enable this feature, students will still go on to the next lesson without the lesson being marked complete. This leads to the analytics showing no one has completed lessons or courses, which does hinder your data in the Thrive Apprentice analytics.