How to Unlock Thrive Apprentice Lessons with Quizzes

Thrive Apprentice now support quizzes which means you can require students to complete a quiz or achieve a certain score before they proceed to the next lesson or module.

For a complete video walkthrough of how to add Thrive Quizzes to Thrive Apprentice, check out my tutorial video below.

Create a Quiz for Your Course

I recommend you create your quiz from scratch rather than using one of the starting templates.

Choose a Quiz type

You have several quiz type options to choose from that will each work well with Thrive Apprentice.

  • Percentage: Achieve a certain percentage of answers correct in order to pass the quiz and proceed.
  • Category: Answers aggregate points and based on how they are answered the result is a category or label. In other words, how the users answer the quiz decides what they unlock based on the outcome they obtain.
  • Right/Wrong: Get a specific number of questions correct before being allowed to pass the quiz.

Based on the types above, percentage and right/wrong are the easiest and most intuitive to implement in a standard learning environment. Category quizzes are ideal for unlock specific lessons or modules based on the outcome rather than linear progression through the course.

Add a Quiz Inside Your Thrive Apprentice Course

Find the lesson in your course that you want to add a quiz to. This can be a new lesson that houses only the quiz, or the quiz can be added to an existing lessons whether it be a text or video lesson.

Hover over the lesson and choose 'add content'. 

Open the element tray on the right and find the quiz element and drag that onto the page. You'll be prompted to select the quiz.

Save Quiz Progress in Thrive Apprentice

Select your quiz and in the left sidebar look for Quiz Options. There is a toggle you can enable that allows users to save their quiz progress.

This is ideal to trigger on when you have a longer quiz or want your students to be able to come back later and finish a quiz without losing their progress.

Control "Mark as Complete" Behavior

In the same area under Quiz Options drop down the "Apprentice options" section. Here you have another toggle that you can enable that allows you to disable a student's ability to mark a lesson as complete until they achieve your desired result in the quiz.

You can choose to only enable mark at complete when:

  • Quiz Completed: Simply finishing the quiz, which is ideal if your 'quiz' is just a survey or open response.
  • Minimum Number of Correct Answers: Choose how many correct answers must be achieved.
  • Percentage Correct: What percentage correct must be achieved before proceeding.

Drip Thrive Apprentice Courses Based on Thrive Quizzes

You can lock and even hide portions of a course from your students until they complete a quiz or achieve a desired outcome. To do this, go to the course you want to protect. Go to the Drip tab and create a new drip campaign.

I recommend you Start from Scratch and click continue. Give it a name that you'll remember.

For the trigger, choose 'user purchases product' and for unlock content choose 'At custom intervals.'

Click create my campaign.

By default, everything in our drip campaign begins unlocked until we change it. Click on each individual lesson OR module parent container and click Add a new rule.

Select the Thrive Quiz Result.

Choose your quiz that you already created and then what the unlock condition is, such as a minimum number correct answers or a certain percentage correct on the quiz.

Now the content you selected will unlocked based on those Quiz conditions.

If you selected a module, all of the lessons inside that module will inherit the module's conditions as their parent condition.

Hide Thrive Apprentice Modules and Lessons based on Thrive Quizzes

In the same drip campaign area where you selected each lesson and/or module to add drip options to is an opton in the upper right corner that allows you to toggle on or off whether or not content locked behind a drip campain should be shown.

I think this is ideal for content that is based on how a student performed on a quiz or what category a student obtained when taking the quiz. This is also a nice way to hide what's coming next in your course.