Easy-to-Implement Affiliate Program for Thrive Apprentice

Implementing an affiliate program is an easy step you can take to scale your online course business. Easy if you're using the right tools, that is. 

If your business uses Thrive Apprentice, you're hopefully already using ThriveCart to sell and protect access to your courses. But did you know that ThriveCart can also implement a fully-integrated, feature-rich, and super simple affiliate program for you?

ThriveCart's affiliates tool is an easy-to-implement affiliate program for Thrive Apprentice course creators. Check the box to enable affiliate promotion of each product, determine the commission percentage, and determine cookie settings conveniently from the product setup screen and your program is set up.

Affiliate Settings During Product Setup

Within the product setup options you'll find an affiliates tab. Simply check the box to enable affiliate promotion and then click "Edit commission settings."

Here you can determine the front-end commission for the main product as well as bumps. If you have a subscription product, you can also determine the commission split for recurring payments.

Cookie Options

You can set which cookie option you prefer to use under the "Edit Affiliate Options" section during setup. You have the choice between First Cookie and Last Cookie.

First Cookie - The first affiliate to link someone to your course will get the credit for the sale.

Last Cookie - The last affiliate to link someone to your course before they purchase will get the credit for the sale.

You can also determine how long a cookie will last, which is typically something you'll want to consider setting lower if you're using a First Cookie option.

Affiliate Signup Page Customization

Within the main affiliate hub of your ThriveCart account you'll have access to a section for Product Options. Here you'll find a list of your products and the ability to customize the affiliate signup page.

You can update the headline, add a video, configure form field requirements, and a few custom modifications -- or don't. I personally just leave these alone and they work by default. 

This is also where you'll find easy access to the sign up URLs to share with your visitors to allow them to sign up to become affiliates. You can determine if they'll automatically be accepted upon completion of the form, or if you want to manually approve affiliates.

Advanced Affiliate Rules

When your affiliate program is up and running and you want to take things to the next level, you can implement custom rules based on how an affiliate performs or specific actions taken.

You can implement something as simple as adding affiliates to a tag in your email marketing tool, mark them as VIPs, alter how and when they are paid, or trigger webhooks to do just about anything.

These rules allow you to fully-automate your affiliate program, and all you have to do is set up a few settings once and never think about it again.

Allow Affiliates to Offer Bonuses

Helping affiliates sell is part of managing a successful affiliate program. You can do this by providing them with promotional materials and a great sales page, but you can go one step further with the ThriveCart affiliate program by allowing affiliates to attach a bonus URL.

When someone purchases your course from an affiliate who offers a bonus, they'll be given a link by ThriveCart to claim their bonus. The bonuses are entirely up to your affiliates to fulfill and promote.

Bonuses account for 75% of all of my affiliate income. As both an affiliate for products that use ThriveCart AND an affiliate program manager myself, I've seen the data that shows bonuses convert. They're PARTICULARLY powerful for affiliates of online courses and digital products like Thrive Apprentice courses.

Want to see an example? Read on to the end of this post where I have a 🎁 for you.

Complete Integration with Thrive Apprentice

ThriveCart is fully-integrated with Thrive Apprentice. The API connection and features that Thrive Themes developed for the integration and top notch. This is why Thrive Themes recommends ThriveCart, and why I use it as well as recommend it as well.

Since the integration between these tools is so solid and at its core simple, the affiliate center is implemented just as simple. Check the box, set the commission rate, and you're literally able to start having affiliates sign up and promote your product. 

There's no code to install or complex setup process like other tools put you through. You don't have to buy another tool or worry about paying an annual fee. All you need is ThriveCart Pro.

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