Consultation with Doug

Hey there! If you're looking for help managing your technology stack or want to talk about working together on a project then you're in the right place. Take a few minutes to fill out the form below and tell me about your project. We'll exchange a few emails, schedule a time to talk about your project (on Zoom), then I'll provide you with a quote for the work that needs to be done.

NOTE: This is not for free advice. The purpose of this call is to receive a quote for your project. Need an hour of coaching? Book a call.

Projects I'm currently accepting:

  • Online course platform setup and integration
  • Membership site setup and integration
  • Sales funnel development and enhancement
  • ConvertQuiz / Quiz Funnel setup
  • Email marketing funnels
  • ... pretty much anything tech stack related

Need a website built?
I am not currently taking on any design projects at this time, but I'm happy to build a website if you already have a design in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

I'll be upfront with you: I'm definitely not the cheapest option. Hopefully you're not looking to take something as important as your website and do it on the cheap. I'm also not the most expensive option, either. Want to work with me on something small to see how we work together? I recommend you book a coaching & training call with me for a small block of time. You'll see the value, and I'll be happy to apply the cost of our coaching call toward a bigger project budget with me.

Do you outsource any work?

Nope! Good question, though. I do everything in-house here in Southern California. 

Do you have a waiting list?

Occasionally I'm inundated with enough large projects at once that I will place new inquiries on a waiting list. I only work with a set number of clients on larger time-consuming projects. I believe that anyone currently working with me deserves my undivided attention. For the past two years (2020-2022), the average time from consultation to completion was 3 weeks for large projects.

What is it like working with you?

I get this question all the time! I think we both should enjoy the luxury of ensuring we work with the right people. Here's the gist of how I like to work, and if you're the same way then I think we'll work great together.

  • I'm extremely approachable, hands-on, and love what I do. 
  • I truly care about your success and the results that I deliver for you.
  • I'm prompt and efficient (ridiculously so compared to an agency), and I feel like I'm great at communicating about project timelines and goals. I love to email because it gives us a written trail of our conversation that's easy to follow, and it's a great place to keep track of notes from our conversations. 
  • I believe in mutual trust, respect, and being 100% ethical in all business dealings.
  • Working together should feel like a nice, relaxed conversation in a coffee shop between friends.