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or save 33% (get 4 months free) on our annual plan for $392/year!

Join a community of digital entrepreneurs who are building websites and platforms to help their businesses grow online. Community Membership at Convology is an affordable way to stay connected to expert support, advice, and resources you can't find anywhere else.

  • Personalized Tech Stack Support
  • Weekly Office Hours to Get Help
  • Discussion Spaces for asking, sharing, and learning
  • Community Discounts
  • Community Events

Personalized Support and Tech Stack Help Inside the Community

Inside the community you'll find spaces for common tech stack tools and general tech stack discussion.

Can't figure something out? Need advice on what tool to use? Whatever your question, post it in the community and we'll get you unstuck and moving forward together.

Questions are typically answered by a text reply, but sometimes a video is used to illustrate how something more complex can be achieved. 



My Personal Response Guarantee

When you post a question in the community you will never be left without a response. The purpose of your Community Membership is to provide you with a place to seek a caliber of help and responsiveness you can't find in a Facebook group while you sit and hope someone replies. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll work to help you find where you can find the answer the fastest.

Community Office Hours

Join us for office hours! Bring your questions and get support live. Office hours are a great chance to ask questions when you need to 'see' how something is done.

What topics are covered in office hours?

Office hours are held in a live Q&A format. You can essentially ask me anything related to marketing, digital entrepreneurship, tech stack tools, and related topics. Members usually ask questions that are holding them up from progressing with their business or website, or something they've struggled with during the week.

Will you work on my site for me during office hours?

No, but I will share my screen and show examples of walkthroughs if appropriate to your question. Done-for-you services are hands-on coaching calls can be booked at a discount for Community Members. The savings on these services adds up to more than the cost of your membership.

Do I need a camera or microphone?

Nope! You can show up with your questions and ask them in chat or live with a microphone. Video and microphone are entirely optional. 

How often are office hours?

Office hours are held every week! You can sign up for whichever office hours you wish to attend from right within the community. You'll receive an email reminder an hour before we start. Note: Replays are available to Pro Members only.

"If you're looking for world-class content and training on Thrive Themes products and how they fit with best-in-class 3rd-party tools for a WordPress stack that just works, look no further than Doug Lundberg at Convology. The best teacher I've found, by quite some distance. Super smart yet humble and approachable, Doug will get you unstuck no matter where you are in your journey."

Gary Elley

"Great Office Hour last week, Doug! I feel greatly honored that my question was the main highlight of the session. Most of all, I must commend the effort you put in to go above and beyond to help your members."

Anthony Eze

"As a thirty year veteran of building brands across food, technology and health, I can say with authority that Doug is the real deal!"

Bill Shepard

"Doug’s no BS, technology agnostic approach to problem solving is genuine and he’s hands down one of the best technology trainers or educators I’ve seen online. And I’ve seen a lot!"

Rob Dyer

Community membership

Community Membership is perfect for those who want to be connected and involved with a group of other digital entrepreneurs. It's also great for those who regularly find themselves stuck while working with tech, or need guidance for how to do something with their website. Wherever you are on your journey, the Convology Community Membership is here to support you.



or save 33% (get 4 months free) on our annual plan for $392/year!

Membership renews automatically. You can manage your membership at anytime from the account dashboard without having to email or contact anyone.

Community membership includes:

  • Access to the Convology Community 
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Personalized Support and Tech Stack Help Inside the Community
  • Discounts for Community Members

All-Access Pro Membership

Take your membership at Convology to the all-access level! Unlock all of our courses, workshops, and exclusive training sessions. Pro Members get unparalleled access to me and the content here at Convology. 


 (renews at $199/year)

Pro Membership includes:

  • Everything in the Community Membership
  • Access to ALL Convology Courses, Workshops, and and Trainings (Past, Present, and Future while your membership is active.
  • Pro Member-Only Tech Help Sessions
  • Exclusive Pro Member Events
  • Discounts on Services & Live Cohorts