I'm excited to share that I've decided to start a Thrive Themes Facebook Group and Mastermind! I hope for this community to become a tool for entrepreneurs and business owners at every stage of their journey to come together, share ideas, and learn from everyone's experiences.

We’ll also discuss amazing integrations with other tools and cover all sorts of discussions pertaining tech stacks, sales funnels, and how to grow your online business. 

I have no aspirations for the group. If we had 10 members and helped each other thrive then I would consider it a success. If you're interested in joining or want to know more, read on!

Thrive Themes Facebook Group

Why create a New Thrive Themes Facebook Group

There’s a segment of the Thrive Themes market that isn’t being served by the existing options out there. The main unofficial group out there is great. Lots of people are helping and being helped. The running theme, however, is geared more toward tech support and only focusing on the entry-level struggles -- which are totally fine and would be welcome in the group I’m creating, but I’m aiming to do more with this group and ALSO provide higher-level discussions.

Why Facebook? That’s simply where most people are at right now, and it’s a free resource. I’m not a fan of Facebook owning my data, and I’m not a fan of people being able to target groups with ads, etc. But for now, it’s about reducing friction for most people and Facebook groups work well. People engage on Facebook moreso than on blogs like this or through other platforms.

Thrive Themes Mastermind

I hold around 7-10 Thrive Themes discovery calls each week where I hear from real entrepreneurs and business owners who have legitimate questions about Thrive Themes and other tools. 

These questions aren’t about errors or tech glitches. They aren’t about figuring out the basics of using the tools … they’ve done all of that. 

The discussions are about advanced integrations with membership platforms, delivering content in innovative ways, reaching new customers with email automation sequences, and solving larger big picture questions about running an online business. 

These discussions are fantastic to have on a discovery call, but I feel that everyone (the business owner, myself, and the rest of the entire Thrive community) would strongly benefit from a place where we can all come together and discuss these ideas and challenges as a community.

What's working? What's not? How do we overcome obstacles and what innovative solutions do we have for achieving success? We all have such different experiences and perspectives. I learn so much from my clients by seeing what they're trying to accomplish that I personally grow in my understanding of what's possible. That can totally be shared in a group.

Who Can Join the Thrive Themes Facebook Group?

Anyone who wants to join the group is welcome. Simply answer the three membership questions and you'll receive an invite. These questions are meant to fuel discussion and promote the type of thinking we'd like to see:

  1. What are two of the biggest challenges you face when using Thrive Themes?
  2. How are you currently using Thrive Themes to grow your business?
  3. What is the one thing you'd like to get out of this group?
    • Ideas and strategies for integrating with other tools
    • Exposure to others using Thrive Themes to grow their business (A community)
    • General online strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners (focused around Thrive Themes)
    • Advanced tutorials and how-to's for Thrive Themes
    • Other - Feel free to make a post and let us know!

These questions will be asked upon requesting an invite to the group.

After we welcome in a large number of members, we may introduce more barriers to entry. All options are on the table for this group.

Give More Than You Take

One of our major guidelines for the group will be for all members to strive and provide the group with more value than you personally withdraw. Strive to help. Strive to contribute. Strive to help others thrive. Obviously things like self promotion (my own conflict of interest notwithstanding) and advertising / spam aren't permitted.

I plan to be in the group every day to answer questions, meet my fellow entrepreneurs, and learn from your experiences and ideas.

Are Beginners Welcome?

Yes! Even beginners can provide awesome insights. I've always maintained that Thrive Themes plugins and themes are tools to be used by business owners at every stage of their business. A Thrive Themes newbie could have decades of experience running businesses. And even if you're new to both business and the tools, unique perspectives drive innovation. 

How to Join the Thrive Themes Facebook Group

To join the Thrive Themes Facebook Group, simply visit this link. I look forward to meeting you!

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