Thrive Theme Builder Discount Coupon Offer

Thrive Theme Builder Discount

by Doug at Convology

Thrive Theme Builder is officially available to the public as a standalone product as of today, and for a limited time you can get an amazing launch discount & coupon on single-site and 5-site licenses.

The links below will take you directly to the discount page and automatically apply the coupon code when you go to purchase your licenses for Thrive Theme Builder.

UPDATE: As of 2/1/2021 Thrive Themes has transitioned away from selling products individually for one-time purchase. All Thrive Themes products, including Thrive Theme Builder, and now part of the Thrive Suite subscription.

The Ultimate Theme Builder Deal for WordPress

Choose Your License Pack

Full Feature Set | Unlimited Updates | 1 Year of support

5 Licenses


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Or Become a Thrive Member



Get immediate access to ALL of the Thrive plugins and themes (including Thrive Theme Builder & Shapeshift).

What's Included with this Launch Offer for Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is front-loaded with TONS of value for the average user.

Thrive Architect Lite

Like all of Thrive's tools, they've included Thrive Architect Lite inside of the core functionality of Thrive Theme Builder. While using TTB you may come across functionality intended for the full version of Thrive Architect (which you can get right here). For the most part, you'll have all of the tools you need to build a completely custom theme. I do, however, highly recommend upgrading to the full version of Thrive Architect. I use it to construct and write all of my blog posts, create and design all of my pages, and develop landing pages for campaigns.

ShapeShift Theme - Part of Thrive Theme Builder's Launch Offering

Thrive Theme Builder is a framework, and within that framework you can build your own custom themes or use themes made officially by Thrive or by others (like me!). Thrive is launching Thrive Theme Builder with their first official theme: ShapeShift. 

Thrive Theme Builder ShapeShift Templates

Pre-Built Templates

ShapeShift comes with a significant amount of pre-built designs for pages, blog posts, archives, silo pages, and more. These are called 'Templates' within the Theme Builder platform. With the click of a button you'll have instant access to dozens of pre-built templates for these page and post types.

132 Page Blocks

Included in the launch offering for Shapeshift you'll also get access to over 100 "page blocks" which are a new feature Thrive released for their landing pages, but has now integrated the page blocks feature into Thrive Theme Builder.

As pictured above, there are over 130 different page blocks that you can use to build the framework of your pages in Thrive Theme Builder. Want that perfect 'hero section' or 'our team' section? Click a button and those blocks are immediately on your page with placeholder images and colors to match your brand. 

Build Custom Headers & Footers

One of my favorite features in Thrive Theme Builder is the ability to create a completely custom, drag and drop simple, beautiful header or footer. Whether you want columns, social icons, phone numbers, buttons, images, sticky on scroll, or dynamic content

Header and Footer Templates

Included with Thrive Theme Builder you'll get pre-built templates for your headers and footers that you can quickly choose when when deploying a site or migrating to TTB. I use this feature EVERY DAY for my clients. Nothing impresses them more than a screenshare where I quickly show them half a dozen default options for their headers, then quickly make any tweaks to those designs while on a Zoom call.

Mega Menus

Ditch that extra menu plugin you bought off Envato to create cool menus. Thrive Theme Builder has the ability to make even the most complex menus right out of the box. 

Unlimited Free Updates

Other themes and plugins charge you annually for updates, but at Thrive they will continue to update your product without holding your license key hostage. You won't be able to obtain official support from Thrive, but your product will continue to work. I can not stress enough how much immense value is being offered here.

Thrive Theme Builder Coupon Code 2020 - Launch Offer / Early-Bird Offer

This deal from Thrive Themes won't be available forever. When it expires, the Thrive Membership will be the only remaining deal for getting the best deal for Thrive Theme Builder.

As a power-user and someone who has used Thrive Theme Builder for months, and Thrive Architect and other Thrive plugins for over FIVE years, I can say with absolute certainty that this was the best purchase I made for my business. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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