Thrive Suite (Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect) now directly integrates with FluentCRM through the API integrations found in the Thrive Dashboard of your website. The former method of integrating FluentCRM with Pabbly, Integrately, or Zapier is not longer required but does still work.

What Does This Integration Make Possible?

Whenever an integration like this is released, I like to explore what it makes possible for us to accomplish with stack of existing software. 

In the case of Thrive Suite and FluentCRM, we can use this integration as the basis for connecting many others tools that already integrate with FluentCRM.

Two powerful examples of these integrations are accomplished through a tool called Uncanny Automator.

Email Users Who Watch a Video

When using Presto Player, my recommended video player for Thrive Apprentice, you can now track when someone watches a video. Presto Player will send that information to Uncanny Automator, and Uncanny Automator will then tag or add the user to a list in FluentCRM.

This means you can track when someone completes a lesson so that you can send them an automated follow-up, or know when they've seen a particular lesson and may be at a prime point to offer an upsell.

Add Users to WishList Member from a Thrive Suite Lead Gen Form

Before Thrive's integration with FluentCRM, it wasn't possible to integrate Thrive Lead Gen forms with WishList member access levels. This meant that when we wanted to offer Thrive Apprentice courses to users for free, we had to manipulate WordPress user roles.

Now, we can use all the power and and integrations of WishList Member when someone registers an account using the WordPress API integration and Thrive Suite. 

All you have to do is use a Thrive Leads or Thrive Architect Lead gen element, connect to the WP API to create a user, add a second API connection to connect them now to FluentCRM, and then Uncanny Automator can make the connection to WishList Member. On the front end, the user is instantly given access to a course in Thrive Apprentice or to a page but on the backend all this magic is happening behind the scenes to start that user on a path of marketing automation.

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