I work a lot with my clients to better their digital marketing. A big part of that includes improving their conversion rates. Sometimes the Google rankings and traffic are fine, but they struggle to connect the dots from a visitor to a prospect.

In this particular case study, we're going to look at one of my clients located in Denver, CO. He's a successful plastic surgeon who has been in private practice for ten years. He has a great referral base that he draws from, but was struggling to convert his website traffic into measurable, profitable business.

Though his website content was informative and beautifully designed, it was fairly obvious to me that his visitors weren't being engaged enough to get them to convert. 

The only method for contacting the office after viewing a page was to click a button and fill out a contact form. These forms were converting at roughly 2.5% of his website traffic (with a terrible rate of turning those leads into procedures).

Side note: I've worked with over 210 plastic surgeons in the United States. Their website conversion rates on contact forms are between 1.8% and 3%.

Using Thrive Quiz Builder to Engage Visitors

I decided to develop a questionnaire using Thrive Quiz Builder to help his visitors quickly and easily identify if they were a candidate for a procedure.

Users were guided through a series of questions about their bodies, desired outcomes, etc., and then at the end of the quiz they were given a result based on their inputs. The result told them if they were a candidate for the procedure, or if (based on their inputs) they were a candidate for a different procedure.

Using Thrive Quiz Builder to Grow an Email List of Engaged Users

Before they were given their results, users were prompted to join a mailing list to receive future information about the procedures applicable to them. This was done using the opt-in gate feature.

When the results were presented, users were immediately given the option to contact the office or request the office contact them back to schedule a visit. 

Let's look at the results after just two weeks!

My client went from having a conversion rate that would have given him a couple of leads, to an astonishing 22 people contacting him and joining his email list. Together we reviewed those who signed up and actually visited his office and converted into procedures, and he saw a 60% increase in their booking rate.

After three months of using Thrive Quiz Builder to diagnose patients, add them to an email list, and provide them a quicker way to schedule the right consultation for them, my client now enjoys conversion rates 10x higher than a standard form processor. His websites now converts at over 20% total website traffic because we funnel most of his visitors into a Thrive Quiz.

Results After 3 Months

  • 10x Overall increase in consultation requests
  • 25-27% email list signup rate
  • Better email list segmenting
  • Highly-informative data on patients otherwise unattainable
  • Better consultation experience
  • 60% booking rate

Thrive Quiz Builder Self-Segments Visitors

My client was extremely happy when he learned how easily his website visitors could self-segment themselves. 

Before Thrive Quiz Builder, his emails would go to everyone on his list. Can you imagine someone interested in a facelift receiving an email about liposuction?

Now he's able to send the right emails to the right segments of his list, and the entire process was automated for him.

Thrive Quiz Builder Better Qualifies Leads

My client used to spend hours and hours of his week seeing patients who were never going to be a candidate for a procedure they thought was right for them. He now spends far less time on dead-end consults, and more time speaking with eligible candidates.

Thrive Quiz Builder as a Pre-Sales Tool

When the office used to receive and email from a patient, all they would get was a name, email, phone number, and whatever the person typed into the "how can we help you?" box. 

Thrive Quiz Builder gives my client's office immensely granular data. As mentioned before, users answered questions about their bodies and what they hoped to get out of the procedure. They indicated preferences for scars, recovery time, and even chose from examples of before and after photos.

Going into a consultation, my client knew more about that patient than he ever before.

Thrive Quiz Builder is More than a "Quiz" or "Social Media Badge" Tool

While Thrive Quiz Builder can definitely generate those buzzfeed style quizzes and social sharing mechanisms, the breadth of application goes far beyond that. As outlined above, it can also be a diagnosing tool for doctors and a pre-sales qualifying tool too. 

I highly recommend Thrive Quiz Builder to any business wanting to provide a better experience for their visitors to identify what they need, and to provide greater insights into those soon-to-be customers.

If you have any questions about this case study, don't hesitate to comment below!

    • Hi Bruno,

      There aren’t any turnkey quizzes available from Thrive. For my clients, I create quizzes based on their needs and I help them implement and even run the quizzes. The problem with having a stock or ready-to-use quiz is that it would have to be super generic or specific to an industry to make any sense.

      To make my quiz questions, I identify my outcomes first and then I work backward. If I know my quiz takers will end up in one of four categories, I can develop my questions around what would qualify or disqualify those individuals from attaining a category.

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