Thrive Apprentice Course

by Doug at Convology

I'm excited to announce my new online course for Thrive Apprentice!

Thrive Apprentice to Master is an online course for beginner and early intermediate Thrive Apprentice users looking for a comprehensive overview of how to use Thrive Apprentice and the technology around building a successful online course funnel.

I've taken years of knowledge and experience gained from building online course funnels and distilled it into this one course packed full of processes, recommendations, integrations and implementation advice.

What's taught in the Thrive Apprentice to Master course?

This Thrive apprentice course is geared toward beginners and early intermediate users who have a general idea of what a course funnel is, but are looking for help connecting all of the dots conceptually, practically, and efficiently. We'll go into detail on the following:

  • Thrive Apprentice setup including best practices and how-to's
  • How to sell your courses uses a variety of methods
  • How to protect your course content and other pages on your using using membership plugins
  • How to level up your student user experience with a custom dashboard, custom login page, and seamless post-purchase sequence

What tools are needed for the Thrive Apprentice to Master course?

I put this course together in such as way that all of the concepts would apply to 85%+ of the most popular tools in a course tech stack. Whether you use WishList Member, Memberpress, or Paid Memberships Pro with Thrive Apprentice, the concepts and processes outlined in this course will apply.  I recommend the following tools in addition to Thrive Apprentice:

  • A membership plugin if you wish to protect more than just a Thrive Apprentice course
  • A checkout / cart tool to process payments such as Fluent Forms, ThriveCart, WP Simple Pay, etc
  • A page builder to create your pages
  • A payment processor like Stripe or Paypal (not covered in detail in this course, but needed if you wish to sell courses)
  • An Email marketing service

There's a lot of overlap across the plethora of tools and options available to you, which is why we simplify this tech stack process as much as possible.

The key, specific tools we will showcase in this course are the ones I recommend the most:

WishList Member to protect pages and courses.

ThriveCart to sell courses and memberships. 

Thrive Architect to build our dashboards and pages.

Is there a community for students enrolled in the Thrive Apprentice to Master course?

Yes! We have a private community for all of those enrolled in the Thrive Apprentice course as well as this with access via Convology Pro membership. You'll get exclusive access to personalized recommendations, tips, support, and guidance. 

This brand new community is just getting started, so if you'd like to become a founding member and not go at this process alone then the community itself is worth more than the cost of enrollment.

Office hours are held weekly via Q&A as well as regularly scheduled live streams for students only.

Is the Thrive Apprentice course updated regularly?

As a Thrive Themes expert and someone who lives and breathes all things Thrive, I'm always in-the-know on the latest updates to Thrive Apprentice. I work hard to stay informed, learn the tools from the inside out, and digest this information so that my students and clients can rely on my knowledge while they focus on what they do best.

BIG CHANGES are coming to Thrive Apprentice in 2021, and it's going to be an amazing year for course creators. Thrive Apprentice to Master will be kept up-to-date so that it is always the only Thrive Apprentice course you need.

Enroll in the Thrive Apprentice to Master Course

I built a comprehensive sales page that goes over all of the details you'll need which you can find here. You can also gain access to the Thrive Apprentice course through the Convology Pro all-access-pass membership. If you'd like to enroll right now, I've included the registration form below.

I look forward to seeing you in the course and in the community!

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