I first learned about the StoryBrand website model when I received a few inquiries all in a relatively short period of time asking if I could take a StoryBrand wireframe and turn it into a website built using Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder.

What is a StoryBrand website?

The StoryBrand website formula is incredibly popular right now among consultants (those who are and are not StoryBrand certified). The formula is popular because it provides clarity and structure.

The StoryBrand website structure formula can best be summarized as:

  • A character
  • With a problem
  • Meets a guide
  • Who gives them a plan
  • And calls them to action
  • That helps them avoid failure
  • And results in success

As you might imagine, even if you've never heard of StoryBrand or seen a website built using this framework, this is a pretty decent outline for creating an engaging homepage. In fact, an outline is really where you begin. From what little I understand about the business model for StoryBrand certified gurus, I do know that they help people create Wireframes to guide them in the development of their website.

What is a StoryBrand wireframe?

When you take all of the elements that make up a StoryBrand website and divide them into sections that satisfy each of those points, you end up with something called a StoryBrand Wireframe. It's looks something like this.

I've seen four of these templates in their customized/finished state, and they are all nearly identical with respect to the layout and flow. There are subtle differences, and sometimes a section is rearranged or combined with another. But overall, the StoryBrand wireframe takes what the person does and outlines it for them.

That's the key right there.

People end up with a Wireframe, and from what I've learned it can costs THOUSANDS of dollars to get a StoryBrand website built by someone who is certified or an agency specializing in StoryBrand sites.

StoryBrand Websites Built Using Thrive Architect

After building a few of these StoryBrand websites for clients (for far less than they were quoted elsewhere), I decided to take the exact model and develop an even more affordable way to get a StoryBrand website.

Thrive Architect Templates for StoryBrand Websites.

Now you can turn your StoryBrand wireframe into a StoryBrand website in less than an hour with our beautiful and easy-to-use templates.

As of writing this post, there are three StoryBrand-ready Thrive Architect homepage templates that you can download and deploy within minutes. They're not thousands of dollars or even hundreds. They're $99 each.

Simply download the template, import the landing page to your Thrive Architect website, swap the photos and text, and you're practically ready to get your website started.

I plan to add more Thrive Architect StoryBrand templates each month until there are enough options to cover the majority of wireframes.

We provide everything you need to turn your StoryBrand wireframe into a beautiful, high-performing website.

Professionally Built

Our designs are built by a Thrive Themes expert and designed with Thrive's best practices in mind.

Versatile Designs

Swap images, replace content, and easily make each template your own using Thrive Architect.

Expert Customization

Sit back and relax! We can build and launch your template for you.
Additional Fee Required.

Customized StoryBrand Site Templates

I've found that most of my clients wanting a StoryBrand website are busy folks. They're successful go-getters who are focused on their work, but that leaves them with very little time to build their site. 

"I want to focus on what I'm good at and bring in help where it will save me time. Saving time = Saving money."

For those who don't want to configure the templates themselves, or who want to customize the templates to fit their exact needs, I'm rolling out a StoryBrand Site Template Customization program which is an adaptation of the new program I recently rolled out for all of my Templated sites.

How does the StoryBrand Thrive Architect Template Customization Service work?

1. Free Consultation

Request a Free StoryBrand Template Customization Consultation. 

2. Send Us Your Wireframe

Send us your wireframe, choose a design, and complete the Website Checklist. We'll then start on your project!

3. Schedule Website Review

We'll schedule a live design review with you when we've completed buildout and make any tweaks to your template LIVE on the call.

4. Launch Your Website

Finalize the design and go live with your new website! Turnaround time < 2 weeks.

I hope that this helps to streamline the process of building and launching your Thrive Themes-powered StoryBrand site. Whether you decide to go with a pre-made template, opt for customizing that template with Convology, or even engage me for a completely custom build, the goal should be to quickly and affordably get your website live so that you can focus more on the work and less on the mechanics of your business.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or schedule a consultation. I'd love to chat about your business and how we can work together!

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