Using chatbots can be a powerful way to engage users on your website. They can answer questions, point people towards relevant content, and even collect user information. But have you ever wanted a little more out of your chatbot? Perhaps the ability to register WordPress users, add people to your membership site, or even enroll users directly into a course? Let's look at how to make that happen.

Continually website chatbot builder can register users on a WordPress site using the custom external API object to send variables through a webhook. Here's what you need:

  • A Continually account with the external API object
  • Questions in your bot to capture the name and email variables necessary to create a WordPress account
  • Uncanny Automator plugin to receive the webhook and create the account in WordPress

Continually Chatbot Builder

If you are not already using Continually to build your website chatbots, then you need to check it out. Continually is the easiest website chat bot builder that I've used (and I've used them all). 

What sets Continually apart from other bots is its easy-of-use for sending or posting data to a webhook. Once you have a chatbot built and the variables stored that you want to send off to to a tool (like WordPress), all you have to do is add the custom external API object and populate the variables.

For now we can populate the key names (whatever you want to call them) and the values (the variables you've stored inside of Continually).

The missing link, until now, has been where we send this data so that WordPress can use it to create an account. That's where Uncanny Automator comes in.

Uncanny Automator: Automation for WordPress

Uncanny Automator plugin allows you to effortlessly connect WordPress plugins and external tools together without the need for any coding.

Logged In vs. Anonymous Users

Uncanny Automator can execute a recipe for logged in and anonymous users. For this recipe, we will need access to anonymous users, so be sure to grab the paid version here (great price!).

Create a Trigger

In order to receive the data from Continually to create and register our user, we need to first make a trigger that will receive a webhook. This trigger will provide you with the URL Continually needs in order to POST the variables.

In the Uncanny Automator trigger, click "Get Samples". You now have 60 seconds to go back to Continually and click "Send Request." Upon doing so, you should shortly see a success notice (Status 200) which means you can go back to your Uncanny Automator trigger where you'll see a window showing you the variables you've just received.

Now the variables are ready to be used as tokens!

Choose an Action

We can now choose 'New User' and fill in the details with the tokens we've collected by pressing the asterisk (*) on the right.  Under the "What to do if the user already exists" option, match to email is my recommendation.

Next, you can do additional actions such as adding the user to a WishList Member level, a LearnDash course, or any number of possibilities depending on the tools you use.

To round out our recipe for creating a user in WordPress, you'll want to send the new user an email to let them know where they can log in and how to set a password. You'll find all of the personalization options and links under the tokens section again.

I recommend you set up an SMTP plugin to ensure deliverability when your website is sending images. Check out my tutorial on that here.


Using a chatbot is no longer a separate tool from your website! Through the use of Uncanny Automator, chatbots like Continually now feel more like an extension of the WordPress tools we're using. To get your mind thinking in the right direction, imagine having a chatbot that only appears in your courses and users could trigger events from the chatbot like start a course over or trigger other events on your website. 

If you're interested in more chatbot automation tips, please let me know so that I can prioritize these types of tutorials for you. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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