While Thrive Theme Builder itself is technically a theme for WordPress, Thrive Themes still develops styles and designed assets and releases them bundled under a new theme name.

Ommi for Thrive Theme Builder is the second theme and collection of design assets released for Thrive Theme Builder. Ommi theme was made available on May 5, 2021 as a vibrant, warm, and vibrant modern design which acts as a counterpart to Shapeshift theme's straight forward, clean line, business aesthetic.

I want to address many of the frequently asked questions about Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder's sub-theme functionality which many of you have asked me this week.

Is Ommi for Thrive Theme Builder an actual theme?

Technically Ommi is not an actual theme. It's what I call a sub-theme, or a set of design assets and templates built for Thrive Theme Builder. Users can swap between these Theme Builder themes/templates with the push of a button. The caveat being, swapping between them acts just like changing themes, so be prepared before you swap.

ommi theme page blocks

Is the Ommi theme free?

Thrive Suite (you can check it out at this link) includes Thrive Theme Builder and all of the other Thrive Themes plugins and themes. Thrive Suite is a subscription service, but any new tools, add-ons, or in this case themes, are included with our subscription.

Should I switch to Ommi for Thrive Theme Builder or not?

There's nothing inherently better about Ommi theme. Ommi uses the exact same theme builder tools we've had access to for a year, and we've technically been able to build this exact theme this whole time. Ommi is simply a beautiful collection of these design elements neatly packaged together to save you time.

If you are using Shapeshift and you're happy, then you shouldn't switch.

If, like me, you made your own theme and completely customized the initial templates released with Thrive Theme Builder then you have no reason to swap themes unless you prefer the look of Ommi.

Is Ommi better than Shapeshift theme?

If you are just starting out, I would choose Ommi. I personally believe it looks more modern and inviting which fits most of the websites out there. This design, with a few color changes and tweaks, can become perfectly suited to any industry. 

What happens if I switch to Ommi from Shapeshift?

Since theme builder treats each of its sub-themes the same way WordPress treats actual themes, your entire site will change. Ommi will change your:

  • page template designs
  • blog template designs
  • header and footer designs
  • typography
  • any styling reliant upon your previous Theme Builder theme

Since this is not a simple push-button switch, you'll want to migrate on a staging environment.

Need help switching to Ommi or building your site in Theme Builder? Reach out for a free consultation and let's talk about how we can work together to build your site using Thrive Theme Builder and Ommi!

Where can I get the Ommi theme for Thrive Theme Builder?

You can buy Thrive Suite and learn more about Ommi theme here. Once you're a Thrive Suite member, you can add Ommi to your Thrive Theme Builder themes by going to your themes option in Theme Builder, adding a new theme, loading from the cloud, and selecting Ommi.

how to add ommi to thrive theme builder

Is Ommi for Theme Builder easy to use?

Using any theme with Thrive Theme Builder requires no coding or knowledge of CSS. That's the wonderful thing about using Theme Builder. 

However, the tool itself still has a learning curve like anything new. Figuring out the difference between a page template and a post template, how to reference a header template, configuring Woocommerce templates, using templates vs. landing pages vs. homepages, Thrive Architect vs. Theme Builder... and so on.

Although Thrive Themes has made a great effort to make Theme Builder user friendly, figuring it out can be time confusing and frustrating!

Looking for a crash course and complete overview of Thrive Theme Builder? I developed a course that will take you from start to finish through the entire interface, configure every template, and teach you the best practices for how to use Thrive Theme Builder and develop a cohesive and functioning website.

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