UPDATE: Now that Thrive Theme Builder is available, there is a new writeup on how to begin the migration process.

I browse the support forums for Thrive Themes plugins to see what the community is asking and how I might be able to help. I'm seeing a lot of questions about the upcoming Thrive Theme Builder and what will be required to migrate or convert from existing plugins and themes.

Thrive Theme Builder Preview

Thrive Theme Builder is a Theme, Not a Plugin

This is the biggest point to make. Thrive Theme Builder is literally a theme. It will replace OceanWP, Astra, or whatever theme you're using. Plugins like Thrive Architect will still work with Thrive Theme Builder exactly as they do with any other theme.

If you have made heavy edits to the CSS or template files of your current theme, those will go away when you transition to Thrive Theme Builder. Thankfully, there's so much to customize in Thrive Theme Builder that I anticipate very few custom CSS tweaks to get things looking exactly how I want them.

Thrive Theme Builder is not a plugin

Thrive Theme Builder Manages Layout and Structure, Not Content

There will not be any need to migrate from Thrive Architect to Thrive Theme Builder. Thrive Architect will still be the tool you use as a visual page editor to design and populate content.

For example, this blog post was created in Thrive Architect. I am confined to the parameters of the editable area of this post -- I can't edit the sidebar, footer, header, image layout, post meta, etc. Those are controlled by my theme (OceanWP, for now) and in the future will be controlled by Thrive Theme Builder.

converting to thrive theme builder

Should I Build My Website with Thrive Architect or Wait for Thrive Theme Builder?

Anything you can or would build right now with Thrive Architect will not be impacted in any way by Thrive Theme Builder. You aren't designing how big your blog post area is, or where you blog post featured images are located using Thrive Architect. You're not designing a header or a sidebar. Those are all handled by the theme, and will be handled by Theme Builder.

That new homepage you're building with Thrive Architect? It'll look exactly the same in Thrive Theme Builder.

When you swap to Thrive Theme Builder, all you'll have to do is customize how you want those structures and layouts to function (and look) -- but don't let that minimize the complexity and power of customization! Advanced users will have significant control over what they can edit and the layouts and designs they can achieve.

Take a look at this video showing just a brief glimpse of what's possible.

Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect Go Together

The very nature of Thrive Theme Builder is founded upon Thrive Architect. The editor looks nearly identical, functions exactly the same way, and will feel just like Thrive Architect has felt in these latest updates.

If you do not have Thrive Architect already, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with how it works so that you're a Thrive Architect expert before it launches.

migrating or converting to thrive theme builder from thrive architect

When is Thrive Theme Builder Launching?

We do not have a specific date yet, but a Thrive Team member had this to say on their forums:

The launch of the theme took more than expected, but I can assure you that most of our team has been focused on working on developing and testing the theme. The launch of Thrive Theme Builder is still the focus of the company and actually as soon as it passes through our last development phases and testing, it should be ready to be released.

I hope that means within the next few months.

As someone on the alpha team for quite some time, I'm excited for Thrive Theme Builder to launch! I can't wait to customize how this website looks using it, and to create plenty of tutorials and guides to get the most out of it. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

  • Thanks Doug, So maybe hold off on a completely new start (no website yet) until Thrive Theme is released? (I already have Thrive Membership) then (hopefully) everything will play nicely together and maybe you can take on the role of being my webmaster!?

    • Hi Rick,

      I would say you should definitely start working on the sub pages before Thrive Theme Builder releases. Anything built in Architect will be completely applicable and usable in Theme Builder. If you’re looking to do a complete overhaul of a custom layout, specifically structurally as it pertains to how your blog is laid out, I would definitely wait. In most cases, there is no need to wait. I launched this very site here after waiting a year for Theme Builder, and I realized I was wasting a huge opportunity to get everything up and running.

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