Membership Sites

We remove the guesswork and hassle of building an amazing membership site. Focus on your content, we'll take care of the rest.


Your Membership Site 

  • Choosing, setting up, and configuring your membership platform.
  • Developing a mechanism for delivering content to members.
  • Deploying your site's sales funnel.


Your Membership Site 

  • Integrating your membership site with your email service provider.
  • Configuring a fully-automated and integrated process across your entire tech stack.


Your Membership Site 

  • Optimizing your membership site with retention, recovery, and outreach funnels.
  • Improving sales and customer reach

Our Tools or Yours

We Build Fully-Stocked 
Membership Sites with a complete tech stack.

We're happy to use the tools you've purchased and build your membership site on your server for a project-based fee. Looking for something entirely done for you without having to buy your tech stack? We offer membership-sites-as-a-service for one low monthly price.

☑️ Beautiful, highly-optimized and custom landing pages
☑️ Cart & checkout integrated with Stripe and Paypal
☑️ Checkout enhancements (upsells, downsells, and more)
☑️ Enhanced customer segmentation via quiz funnels
☑️ Email list building tools
☑️ Membership platform
☑️ Course platform
☑️ Your branding, your messaging (with our help if needed!)
☑️ 100% hosting, setup, management, maintenance, & support

You Own Your Sales & Your Members!

We provide the tech stack and the service, you own the results. That's why we integrate with your favorite email marketing tool and payment processors. You'll always remain the owner of both your email list and your members. All we need from you is:

➖ An Email Marketing Platform (Like ConvertKit or SendFox)
➖ A Payment Processor Account (Like Stripe)

Need help setting these up? We're here for you!

Fully-Managed Membership Sites

Recurring Revenue

Turn your email list into a monetized list of founding members.

Webinars & Events

Drive webinar and workshop registrations to increase sales for your membership.


Sell your courses, register students, and secure content.

Sales Funnels

Increase sales with one click upsells, downsales, and more with industry-leading carts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do membership sites cost?

Each membership site is unique and custom-tailored ot your business and needs. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, there's definitely a one-size-fits-many. We offer fully-managed membership sites with all the trimmings for as low as $150/month. That's everything from hosting to shopping cart, membership platform, maintenance... everything.

Can't I just do this myself?

Yes! Absolutely, yes. I've written dozens of guides and articles to help entrepreneurs and business owners successfully start membership sites and get them running quickly. 

The reason I offer this fully-managed, fully-hosted, and 100% do-it-for-you service is because time and time again people come to me and ask me for help and to do it for them. It's not easy, and it takes a ton of time. Evaluate what your time is worth and decide if this makes sense to you.

Do I need any tools or software?

You'll need:

  • a membership site platform (We use WishList Member)
  • a payment processor (We use Stripe)
  • a shopping cart solution (We use ThriveCart)
  • an email service provider (We use SendFox or ConvertKit)
  • a landing page builder / site builder (We use Thrive Themes)
  • Hosting (we use WPX Hosting)

Want to avoid buying all of the above? We offer everything you need except for an email service provider and a payment processor. Everything else is provided entirely for you as part of your subscription.

Where do I host my membership site?

If we build the membership site for you using your software, platforms, and hosting, then the membership site is on your server/hosting. We'll hand off the keys to the site directly to you and you'll be in completee control to manage the site yourself. 

If we manage your site under our fully-managed program, your site will be hosted on our servers.

Still have questions? Request a free consultation and let's schedule a time to talk. It's free, and you'll receive a complete evaluation and recommendation for what will work best for your business.