Introducing: Convology

by Doug at Convology

I'm excited to reveal the launch of! This project is something I've been working toward launching for two years, and I'm so glad that I can finally transition this from an idea into something real and useful for the community.

Let's start by addressing the name.

What is Convology?

Convology is a completely made-up term to describe the science of conversion. Years ago while eating lunch with a friend -- who was also a conversion optimization enthusiast -- we were trying to come up with a name for a website where we would one day provide tutorials, references, and consulting for website owners looking to use their websites and digital tools to get more customers. That's when it dawned on us that we had made careers out of studying and becoming experts in consumer behavior, digital interactions, connectivity, and conversion -- thus, Convology!

Though my friend passed away a year ago, I've carried on with the dream to grow this concept from an idea into a hobby, then into a website, soon to be a resource, and ultimately one day a community for those with a passion for conversion to come together and learn, share, and discover.

What content can I find at Convology?

First and foremost, the content here will be aimed at the Thrive Themes plugins. Why Thrive Themes? I believe in Thrive Themes products. I believe in what they stand for and promote. Their plugins are, in my opinion, the greatest tools available for improving website conversion rates, development, and maintenance for non-designers/techies. I've helped hundreds of business owners to achieve 6-10x results using Thrive's products. 

Now, I want to take that passion I have for Thrive Themes and share my years of self-taught knowledge.

The content at Convology is intended to be unique, and aimed at fulfilling a niche in the market that is currently being under-served. That's really where the rubber meets the road. I'm not looking to recreate the tutorials already available.

For years I have searched in vain to find help with further integrating popular conversion tools, and ultimately I've had to come up with my own solutions. You may already be familiar with one popular example, my video on how to integrate Thrive Leads with Gravity Forms.

I want to help solve the problems no one else is addressing, and even the ones people may not know exist but will help increase throughput for your business.

So be sure to check back here often for written guides, videos, and other useful resources.

Consulting & Help with Thrive Plugins

A big part of what I'm doing with Convology is completely free. I'll post tutorials, guides, and all sorts of value for free. However, sometimes people just need a little extra help with implementation or integration. Regardless of the reason, I'm offering hands-on help in the form of Thrive Themes Consulting.

Whether it's a one-time project or setup, fulfilling the role of a Thrive Leads Virtual Assistant, or even being on retainer to develop landing pages and consult on your campaigns, I'm available to help achieve your objectives. Despite offering this paid service, I will still be teaching and putting everything I know here on my blog for free.

Growing Convology into a Community of Conversion-minded Marketers

I hope to grow this beyond just a site where I post my tutorials and guides. I would love for people to engage in thoughtful discussion about conversion optimization and different products. As we get up and running here, I'll start a Facebook Community as well. Wherever this ends up going, it'll be organic growth designed to keep the value flowing.

  • Congratulations on converting an idea into a reality. Takes a number of strong character traits to make that happen. Best wishes on the journey ahead!

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