When FluentCRM came out it introduced an all-new (and fairly innovative) way of sending emails through a WordPress website. Like all new tools, the biggest issue was integrations. One of the most requested integrations has been Thrive Leads, and although there isn't a directly native integration you can still make this work with relative ease!

I'm going to show you TWO ways to connect Thrive Leads with Fluent CRM. One way is going to be completely free and the other is going to be 15x+ cheaper than Zapier. Both are fantastic.

For those who want an overview, I'll walk you through a quick overview then I'll dig a little deeper into each option.

Overview of Connecting Thrive Leads with FluentCRM

  1. Create a Thrive Leads form without any API or HTML form integrations
  2. Obtain a webhook feed from Pabbly or Integrately (Zapier could work too, but these are free or WAY cheaper)
  3. In your Thrive Dasboard go to Notification Manager and add an Email Sign Up notification and choose Call Custom Script. Paste in your webhook feed from Pabbly or Integrately
  4. In FluentCRM's incomming webhooks under settings, create a new webhook and copy the link
  5. Add the link into Pabbly or Integrately, maps the fields, and activate the connection.

For a detailed walkthrough of sending leads from Thrive Leads into FluentCRM, where I take you literally every step of the way, check out my video tutorial below.

Using Pabbly to Connect Thrive Leads with FluentCRM

Pabbly connect is a Zapier alternative that runs about 15-16x cheaper. Instead of 750 tasks you get 12,000.

Create a Trigger in Pabbly for Thrive Leads

In order to connect Thrive Leads to FluentCRM, you first need to create a trigger that when a lead is submitted through Thrive Leads it sends data into a Pabbly Webhook.

First, you create a webhook URL from the trigger in Pabbly. This will give you a link.

Create a Notification in Thrive's Notification Manager to Send Data via Webhook

Second, find the Notification Manager in Thrive Theme's Dashboard and click Manage Notifications. 

Paste the webhook you generated in Pabbly into the "URL of Custom Script" and save the notification.

Return to Pabbly and click "Capture Webhook Response". Now Pabbly is waiting for you to send in a test submission from your Thrive Leads form.

IMPORTANT: Do not send in a test from PREVIEWING the form within WITHIN Thrive Leads itself. This WILL NOT work. You must submit this regularly without previewing it within Thrive Leads. If it's a shortcode, render it on a page and test that page. If it's a lead group, have it appear on a particular test page and run the test. 

Once your data is received by Pabbly, you can save and proceed to the next step!

Creating an Action in Pabbly for FluentCRM

Now we want to add an ACTION in Pabbly by pretting the + symbol at the bottom. Search for FluentCRM and set the Action Event to Incoming Webhook Feed.

Creating a Webhook in FluentCRM

In order for us to now send our data to FluentCRM, we need to create an incoming webhook that will add our lead's data into the list and tags we want.

Under settings, click "Incoming Web Hooks" then click "Create Webhook". Choose the name, list, and tag for the webhook and save. 

Now you can copy the webhook URL and enter that into the Action step in Pabbly.

The image below shows all of the above steps combined into what they will look like in Pabbly.

The last step in this process is to map the fields we captured from our test so that when a future lead comes in, Pabbly knows what to do with that information. Click the 3 lines (hamburger icon) next to each field that you have data for and map them. In my test, I only used the first name and email. Once done, click Save and Send Test Request. You should see an API response that says success and has a "1". 

You're all set! Your Thrive Leads forms will now send data to FluentCRM via Pabbly Connect!

Using Integrately to Connect Thrive Leads with FluentCRM

Using Integrately is a nearly identical process to Pabbly. You'll want to review the process above and familiarize yourself with each of the steps.

Inside of Integrately you'll choose Thrive Leads as the first app, and Fluent CRM as the second app.

Set up the Thrive Leads as the "When" Action

Integrately asks you to set up the webhook inside of Thrive's Notification Manager first, so walk through that process. You'll need to send in a test once you have the notification set. REMINDER: Do not send this test from within the Thrive Leads preview or it will not work.

When successful, you'll be directed to a page that looks like the image below. Be sure to press "Refresh data" to see the test results under Thrive Leads.

Connecting FluentCRM to Receive Thrive Leads data in Integrately

Create a FluentCRM Incoming Webhook and paste that into the Incoming Webhook URL box. 

Next, click into the field you want to map and then select the right and it will slot into the field you clicked into. Repeat this process until all of your fields are mapped, then save.

Your Integrately connection has now linked Thrive Leads with FluentCRM!

? SPECIAL OFFER from Integrately ?

If you create an account with Integrately by clicking the button below, you'll receive 500 free tasks per month for life! That's a lifetime account that will let you connect FluentCRM with Thrive Leads using the method I showcased in this post. 

If you have any questions or get stuck along the way, feel free to leave a comment below! Happy to help guide you along the way. If you're looking for more advanced hands-on integrations, I offer 1-on-1 Tech Stack Coaching as well as done-for-you integration services

  • Hi Doug, Thanks for this. Really good, clear, easily understood tutorial. Very timely too, as I’d signed up to Integrately recently and have been trying unsuccessfully to get it to work with TL & F-CRM. After watching your video, I’ve now succeeded.

    But what I really want to do with this is connect TQB to F-CRM. I’ve managed to do that too – sort of. In that the quiz results are passed over to Integrately, but the name/email address are not.

    I have come up with a sort of a workaround. By inserting individual TL forms for each of the Quiz categories in the TQB optin gate stage. They do pass name/email over to Integrately. But not the Quiz category info. Plus TQB doesn’t recognise the TL form completion as being a conversion. Though TL does.

    • Something else I’ve noticed is that if TL doesn’t have an API connection applied on the form. The re-direct to URL or success notifications are not triggered. So, if you want to re-direct to a page to spell out what happens next if for example you were wanting a double optin. That doesn’t work.

      • I managed to resolve this issue by using Mailster API connection in the TL form. This then triggers the redirect URL. The rest is as per your video, can use pabbly or integrately both work equally well. If I want a double optin, I just set the F-CRM incoming webhook to add to a list with a ‘pending’ status. That will then send out the standard double optin email.

        I do end up with subscriber details in Mailster & F-CRM. But I can just ignore or delete them from Mailster sporadically.

        Just need to be careful to set Mailster sign-up as a single optin and make sure no autoresponders are triggered in that. Or subscribers get a double whammy of emails.

        It’s not the most elegant of solutions but it works for now. Still looking forward to a native Thrive Themes/Fluent integration.

        • Yeah this solution is still far form ideal.

          I spoke with Thrive in their FB group and they’re adding support for webhooks soon so that developers can create integrations with their tools. I’m hoping we can get Uncanny Automator or FluentCRM to create an integration. Then we don’t have to worry about ‘workarounds’.

  • Thanks for that fantastic tutorial! I followed it along, used your integrately link and have now I working connection between thrive leads and fluent crm! Thanks to you!

  • Hey Doug!

    Thanks for this super tutorial. One question… From what I gathered, every single lead that comes in through this method will flow into a single list. Is there a way to segment customers based on the form they fill out?

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