Whether or not Thrive Apprentice needs a membership plugin comes down to this one simple question: 

What are you trying to protect?

Thrive Apprentice, part of the Thrive Suite, allows you to create a customized course ecosystem. While great for creating and organizing courses, you'll need to pair it with a shopping cart solution in order to charge for courses and protect those courses so that only paying customers can access them.

Protecting and Selling Thrive Apprentice Courses without a Membership Plugin

Thrive Apprentice has a native API connection ThriveCart, the #1 cart software and sales funnel tool. Using ThriveCart, you can accomplish almost everything a membership plugin can do (and a whole lot of other great features).

What can the ThriveCart and Thrive Apprentice integration do?

  • Sell courses
  • Automatically create an account for customers
  • Protect courses so that only people who buy and log in can access them
  • Charge a subscription and remove people if they stop paying

When is a Membership Plugin Needed with Thrive Apprentice

A membership plugin is needed when you want to protect more than just the courses in Thrive Apprentice or you're using a method of selling your courses that doesn't use the API (in other words, you're not using ThriveCart).

Examples of pages you'd protect:

  • A resource page
  • A special page of content designed using Thrive Architect
  • Any page outside of the Thrive Apprentice ecosystem

Which Membership Plugin Works Best with Thrive Apprentice?

WishList Member has the best integration with Thrive Apprentice. It's supported within Thrive Apprentice's access restrictions and integrates very well with just about anything you'd want to use in your course sales funnel / tech stack.

So to recap, if you want to protect more than just your courses (other pages) then you'll want to use a membership plugin like Wishlist. Otherwise, the ThriveCart integration is your go-to.

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