One of the most common questions I get asked is whether or not someone still needs to use WishList Member with Thrive Apprentice. I have historically recommended the two tools be used together for specific use cases.

The reasons why you may still need to use WishList Member with Thrive Apprentice are:

  1. You need to protect more than just courses.
  2. The payment provider you use is not supported.
  3. You require drip or scheduled content timelines.
  4. There is another tool in your tech stack that you need to connect


Integrates with three popular payment providers and WP user roles

Integrates with most external services and does so very well

Payment Solutions

First class API integration with ThriveCart and WooCommerce that allows for utilization of specific features

Integrates with most, but you forego Thrive Apprentice features

Content Protection

Straightforward access to a course or not, but only courses. No scheduling or drip (yet)

Protects any part of WordPress including courses and other pages, and can schedule/drip content

User Experience

Simple, clean, and easy to use

For the most part straightforward unless you use advanced content protection and scheduling, then it's clunky

You need to protect more than just courses

Thrive Apprentice is a course platform and only allows you to protect courses. WishList Member is a membership plugin for WordPress, which means it can protect other pages and posts on your website as well. Have a special page you want to protect like a dashboard, asset page, or something else? Then you'll need Wishlist Member.

The payment provider you use is not supported

WishList Member integrates with a multitude of payment providers. Most of the integrations are good, too. Thrive Apprentice has a best-in-class integration with ThriveCart, a solid integration with WooCommerce, and a decent integration with SendOwl. If you don't use one of those tools (and I REALLY recommend you use ThriveCart), then you need to use WishList Member.

You require drip or scheduled content timelines

Thrive Apprentice does not (YET) support the use of lesson scheduling or dripping in a set schedule. I'm hopeful that this will change soon, but for now the only way to give access to some parts of a course and not others is by using WishList Member. Warning: It's clunky, imperfect, and I consider it a workaround. You'll lose certain features such as filtering based on access in the TAP elements.

There is another tool in your tech stack that you need to connect

WishList Member integrates with tons of tools like email marketing providers, CRM, Zapier, Webhooks, etc. Thrive Apprentice itself does not yet connect with other tools. If you need these connections built into your course automations, and you're not using a tool like ThriveCart that can notify them via Zapier, etc., then you may need to use WishList Member.

Keep it simple and focus on a clean user experience

The most important thing you can do when planning for the future is to make sure you keep things simple and clean. Complicating your tech stack by relying on unneeded third-party tools will only create a knot you have to untie later. If you can use just Thrive Apprentice by itself with a direct integration to ThriveCart, then I recommend you do it. 

I personally still use WLM on several of my sites but mostly because I'm trying to protect more than just courses. I'm working my way through my WLM use on my Convology business and trying to phase it out simply because I don't think I need it here -- but on other sites, I absolutely do.

Automations built for your courses should not be complicated. If you use the right tools, you can futureproof your workflow, simplify your user experience, and save money in the process. 

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