Convology Pro LTD is Back!

by Doug at Convology

The Lifetime Membership (one-time payment) plan is back for Convology Pro! When we first launched our membership almost one year ago, this was by far the most popular option. As more value is added to our membership, the price only goes up so be sure to lock in your membership if you think you'll get value out of joining.

If the LTD isn't your thing, we still have annual memberships available as well.

What's Included in Convology Pro

Convology Pro is our all-access pass. When I launched our membership I wanted it to be the one thing on our site someone would buy because it was a no-brainer. Interested in our courses? Get the membership. Need support? Get the membership. Need coaching? Get the membership. 

While you can buy some things individually (for now) like our courses, there are some things you'll only find in the membership.

Here are a few of the big highlights.

Courses and Masterclasses

In the first year of Convology Pro we launched six courses and two masterclasses! There are currently two more courses in development and 

If you've seen my YouTube channel you have an idea for my teaching style and the type of tech stack tutorials you're going to find in the courses. 

As a member, you get access to all of the past and future courses as part of your membership.

Members-Only Private Community

I love the community. We use and integrate it directly with your login to our membership site where you can access all of the courses and masterclasses. It feels seamless and part of the experience, but it's a private and reserved for members only. 

It's feature-rich and allows us to post videos, live stream directly to it, create event RSVP's, tag people, chat privately, send mobile alerts (it has an app!) and more.

The community is where members ask questions to get unstuck, propose ideas for validation and exploration, share near things we find or tips to help each other, and more. 

Live Q&A/AMA Group Coaching

Through the community, members can RSVP for live office hours. We hop onto a Zoom call with screen sharing to get your questions unstuck.

Cameras are optional, but I love meeting members face-to-face as we solve questions. 

These are group coaching calls, so members can join even if they don't have any questions. On last week's call, a member was just observing and commented that he had a question answered just by listening to the conversation.

Live video is going to be a big part of Convology Pro in 2022. We're going to have even more live Q&A's, as well as as new format of live sessions TBA. You won't want to miss them.

Discounts on Done-For-You Services & One-on-One Coaching Calls

Halfway through this past year we introduced discounts to the membership on all done-for-you services and coaching calls. We're all at different places in our understanding, and even with our availability. Whether it's because you lack the time to push a project over the finish line in time for your launch, or you would just love an expert to get the job done right, the reason is irrelevant. 

Some of our members used these services enough this year that the 20% discount paid for their entire membership!

Is Convology Pro Worth It?

You need to ask yourself this question. You should ask the same of any purchase you make for your business, hobby, or passion. Is there value in this for you? 

Value comes in different forms:

  • Monetary Value - Is there an immediate return on your investment, or an inherent savings that makes financial sense?
  • Time Value - Can you reclaim time that would have been spent/wasted figuring something out or being confused?
  • The Value of Peace of Mind - Do you 'feel' better in some way, whether it be happy, calm, reassured, restful, inspired, etc? This alone justifies many of my purchases. 
  • Potential Value of Growth - Will you recognize an increase in your future growth of knowledge, skillsets, personal growth, or financial because of your purchase?

I designed Convology Pro to check all of those boxes. Here's what some of our current members are saying:

Convology Pro Testimonials

Let's Jumpstart Your Growth Together

I hope to see you in the community this year! We have so many great courses to help you finally launch your website, course, or membership and we have so much more on the way to help you run a successful online business. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a personal email: [email protected]

  • This membership is incredibly expensive. Especially for those individuals who are just starting and have no real income. Is it possible to get a discount by means of a coupon code? I have been watching your Youtube videos and appreciate the great content.

    • Hi Mukesh,

      My Youtube channel remains an awesome source for free content. I have some amazing things coming to my Youtube channel in 2022. If you’re not yet at a place where you can join the membership I encourage you to continue to follow me over on Youtube and join once your business is ready to benefit from the awesome value in the membership.

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