Now that Thrive Theme Builder is compatible with WooCommerce, we have a few more great options for building sales funnels and ecommerce solutions that look as good as they perform.

One of those solutions that I love to use is CartFlows

CartFlows is a sales funnel-building tool that leverages all of the WooCommerce backend functionality into a flow that looks and feels way better for the customer. What does that means? More sales.

I recorded a quick companion video for this writeup where I show only a brief glimpse into the power of CartFlows. I have more walkthroughs coming for this tool - particularly some of the more advanced funnel builds - but this will show you a glimpse into the customization of the checkout page.

Teaser: I'm currently building an ecom solution for a business in the healthcare industry that will leverage the full portfolio of CartFlows features to sell high-end subscription products.

Using CartFlows with Thrive Theme Builder

The first question: Why?

Thrive Theme Builder gives you unrivaled control over the theme building experience for WordPress. You can custom build any theme you want. Combine that with Thrive Architect and you can bring that same custom building to the page level. With Thrive's newer Smart Landing Page features and its new Block features, building landing pages from scratch and rapidly deploying them just got 10x better.

Now take that customization and apply it to a sales funnel (or Flow).

Landing Pages

Using Thrive Architect, we can build beautiful landing pages that are connected to the Flow. Using a link provided by CartFlows, simply add it to a button or element and your visitors will be sent to the next step in the flow.

Checkout page

We can design beautiful checkoug pages using Thrive Architect. You can have a header, sidebar, columns, or any design you wish. Just drop the shortcode in from CartFlows and the checkout experience will take shape within whatever container it's placed.

Thank You Page

Creating a great thank-you page is often overlooked. With CartFlows, you can control the redirect experience for your users so that they see a highly-customized and beautiful experience that matches the rest of the flow.

When selling a course or a high-ticket item, I always recommend providing your customers with a "here's what to do next" rundown. People hate feeling like they have no idea what to do next. Spell it out for them! Help them know exactly what to do next and they'll feel that much better about the recent purchase.

CartFlows Key Features - AKA Why I Choose CartFlows

Dropping in a beautiful checkout experience iand controlling that funnel flow is real nice, but there are a couple other features that are worth highlighting that really set CartFlows apart when it comes to building sales funnels with WooCommerce.

Global Checkout

If you run a larger ecommerce operation with multiple products that typically use a traditional product page (rather than just a landing page) then you can enable a feature in CartFlows to send people directly to your handcrafted checkout page rather than into the distraction-filled checkout experience native to WooCommerce.

You can also now use order bumps, upsells, and the other CartFlows features. I think this is an absolute must-use feature for ecommerce sites.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

The creators of CartFlows made a really nice Cart Abandonment Recovery add-on (FREE) that automatically captures data people enter into name and email fields then passes that data over to your system so that you can send automated recovery emails to those customers. For example, if someone fills in their info but doesn't complete checkout within 30 minutes they'll receive an automated email that links them right back to pick up where they left off.

You can send more follow-up emails at whatever cadence you wish. You can even include unique coupons just for that user that, maybe after the third attempt to get them back, offers them a 10% off or something like that.

Really cool feature.

Checkout Custom Fields

I like adding custom fields to checkout, and CartFlows makes that easy. On sites where I'm using WooCommerce to process the checkout for a membership that maybe leads into a WishList Member integration, it's nice to have more info about my customers/members/students.

Order Bumps / Upsells

Another one of the really powerful features that CartFlows handles so well are checkout offers (order bumps) and upsells/downsells. The flow editor works really well for keeping track of these offers. I haven't found a plugin that handles this better than CartFlows.

Pixel Integration

Something I'm trying to get better at doing is implementing Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics with my ecommerce sites. There's so much you can do to leverage those stats.

In CartFlows, enabling these Pixel events and Google analytics events are as simple as checking boxes. The tool just does the rest for you.


CartFlows is a fantastic tool. I consider it mandatory for how I use WooCommerce, and given the features it adds like Global Checkout, upsells/bumps, and pixel tracking, you should give it serious consideration.

Now take that awesome tool and combine it with the features of Thrive Theme Builder and you can make a beautiful, custom shopping experience for your visitors that's free of distractions and converts better.

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