Bunny Stream vs. Presto Player

by Doug at Convology

When Bunny.net released their new video hosting, transcoding, and streaming service the first question you all asked me was, "Does Bunny Stream make Presto Player obsolete?"

Does Bunny Stream Replace Presto Player?

Since Bunny Stream has its own customizable player and plays videos hosted right from Bunny.net just like Presto Player does, I think the question is valid.

Presto Player is a video player. It requires hosting and builds its feature set to support the playing of the video on your WordPress-based website. Bunny.net is a CDN/Hosting/Streaming service that has a player.

Comparing Features of Bunny Stream's Player vs. Presto Player

Since Presto Player needs video hosting, and the best choice for video hosting is Bunny Stream, it makes sense that in this comparison Presto Player will need Bunny Stream and we'll proceed under the assumption that the video hosting features are identical: Geographic hosting location and pricing would be the same; Both would have no transcoding fees; Both would have the complete CDN integration with no additional settings; It's all the same at that point. 

So really it boils down to: What does Presto Player add in their player and additional features that Bunny Stream doesn't have in theirs?

I made a table of the ones that I think matter most.


Bunny Stream

Presto Player

Videos Hosting

Only at Bunny.net

Bunny.net, Vimeo, Youtube, or Self-Hosted on your website



Images, Links, Buttons

Advanced Player Controls



Custom Player Presets



Muted Autoplay



Thrive Apprentice Support

Video Lesson via HTML Embed

Text Lessons via Shortcode

Logged In Viewers Only



Managing Videos

In the Bunny.net Interface

In Your WordPress Website

Email Capture



Video Analytics



Custom Video Before & After



Chapter Markers



SEO Schema / Integrations



Automation Support


Uncanny Automator and Others


Pay for what you use / 
$1 Per Month Minimum

Cost of Bunny.net Hosting +
$299 Lifetime on 25 Sites

Bunny Stream or Presto Player: Which Do You Choose?

Presto Player enhances Bunny Stream. It makes it even better. It provides lead capture, presets, overlays, and continues to focus on being the best video PLAYER for WordPress. Bunny Stream, while is has an AMAZING player, lacks almost every major feature that Presto Player offers.

BUT... Do you need those features?

Do you just want to host the video and drop it into your course and don't care about the additional features of managing your videos from inside your website? Don't get Presto Player. You'll be fine with just Bunny Stream.

Want your player to be jazzed up, capture leads to watch videos, have video analytics, muted auto player, automation integrations, and a player that's sync'd to your WP site? Get Presto Player. It's the best player I've found.

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