Bunny Stream is the newly released video hosting, transcoding, and streaming service from the awesome team at Bunny.net. In my recent walkthrough of Bunny Stream I highlighted why this tool is a fantastic addition to any business' tech stack. 

Let's look at how Bunny Stream works for hosting videos for use in our courses.

Bunny Stream for Thrive Apprentice Video Lessons

Step 1: Upload your video to Bunny Stream. For a tutorial on how this works, check out my Bunny Stream walkthrough. You'll want to copy your embed code from the video you just uploaded.

Step 2: Create your Thrive Apprentice Lesson and choose 'Video Lesson' in the summary.

Step 3: Choose 'Custom' for the video hosting type.

Step 4: Paste in your Bunny Stream Embed Code and remove the div tags so that you only have the part of the embed code that is wrapped in the iframe tags.

Step 5: Save your lesson, publish it, and you're all set! If you see a large white space above your video, you forgot the remove the div tags in Step 4.

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