Bucket 2.0 alternative

Bucket.io 2.0 Alternative

by Doug at Convology

The best Bucket.io 2.0 alternative for building Quiz Funnels, segmenting your audience into email lists, and converting visitors into low-cost / high-quality leads is Thrive Quiz Builder. While Bucket 2.0 costs $2,000 Setup Fee + $200 per month, Thrive Quiz Builder  is part of the Thrive Themes Suite which is $90/quarter or $228/year.

In this post I'll detail all of the main features in Bucket.io 2.0 and identify how Thrive Quiz Builder lines up perfectly --feature by feature -- to Bucket 2.0... but at a fraction of the price.

And if a fraction of the price isn't enough, maybe the idea of actually owning this entire system vs. renting it makes way more sense to you. Let's dive in.

TLDR Recommendation

I recommend Thrive Quiz Builder. You can build amazing quiz funnels with segmentation, email list integration, lead-gen automation, and more. But it's still a WordPress plugin which means you'll need a website and have to manage that aspect of your business.


TQB, like all Thrive plugins, is a no nonsense, awesome tool to grow your business. Check out their site for more information by clicking the button below. Want the entire catalog of Thrive plugins? Check out their membership for $30/month.

The Technology Requirements for a Quiz Funnel Building Platform

Let's walk through what Ryan Levesque identified as the key technology checks for a Quiz Funnel building platform. During his free training workshop on quiz funnels, here's what he identified:

quiz funnel technology requirements

I'm going to walk through each of these technology items and detail how Thrive Quiz Builder has each of these

Thrive Quiz Builder Canvas


The canvas is your visual editor where you build out your quiz logic trees. You add question, choose whether they're image, text, or video based, then enter in your answer options. Within the canvas you can visually drag and drop your questions, attach one question to the next to determine where the flow of the questions go, and enter in tags for segmentation.  The canvas in Thrive Quiz Builder is extremely intuitive and features all of these abilities.

Bucket 2.0 Page Builder

Page Builder

The page builder is what you use to create both the sales page and the look/feel of the quiz itself. This should be drag-and-drop, true WYSIWYG, and feature-rich with the ability to craft essentially anything you desire by dragging in elements. Thrive Quiz Builder integrates flawlessly with Thrive Architect, which is the best page builder for WordPress.

Bucket 2.0 Template Library


Templates allow you to quickly load up a pre-built page or quiz so that you spend less time tinkering with how something looks and more time on the substance of what you're building. The most important thing you can do is get something out there. It doesn't have to be perfect. Thrive Quiz Builder has styles to choose from for their quizzes, and integrates beautifully into page templates created by Thrive Architect.

Outcome Mapping

Outcome mapping in Bucket is the same thing as dynamic results in Thrive Quiz Builder. This is your ability to dynamically show results that match what the person selected while taking the quiz. Whether it be a score, percentage, or category style quiz, you want to dynamically show those results and map the outcomes people will receive.

Thrive Quiz Builder Scoring

Scoring and Weighting

When someone takes your quiz you want to be able to apply scores or weights to their answers that help influence the outcome you're trying to map. In Thrive Quiz Builder you can do this through both scoring and weighting the answers people choose. These results can be shown as they take the quiz, or at the end.

Branching and Skipping

Branching and skipping is a result of using the canvas area to connect questions to each other. In Thrive Quiz Builder you can branch based on question or you can branch out from specific answers. 

Conversion Analytics

What answers are people choosing? Who filled out your quiz? How many leads did you generate? These are the types of questions you should be evaluating when building a quiz funnel. Thrive Quiz Builder provides a dashboard with these analytics, and even has a feature for you to be emailed when someone completes your quiz - fantastic for small business lead-gen! You can also integrate TQB with Google Analytics and Tag Manager to rack all of the dynamic result pages and trigger events. Additional metrics include:

  • Track Across Time - See results across any interval (daily, weekly, monthly, total).
  • Starting Vs. Finishing - See stats on how many people are starting and finishing the quiz.
  • Quiz Flow - See where visitors are dropping off, which conversion goals are successful, and the most common path being taken.
  • Individual Question Stats - See how each question is being answered.
  • Social Sharing Stats - See what results are getting the most shares.
  • User Stats - See a log of each quiz takers flow and how they answered each question.

GDPR Compliant

Thrive Themes has built-in tools to help you be compliant. You can add express permission checkboxes, privacy policies, etc., as well as the ability to wipe out all data if needed. Fairly standard stuff.

thrive quiz builder testing

UTM Tracking

UTM parameters, query strings, and all of those fun marketing tracking tricks are available for you to use when you redirect users to different pages. These analytics are then fed into Google Analytics and other tracking tools. TQB does not pass UTM parameters from one quiz question to the next.

Pixel Segmentation

Similar to Google Analytics, you can install the Facebook Pixel into WordPress (via Facebook's official plugin or other options) then fire that pixel on dynamic result pages. This is not difficult to implement, but is also not a native feature with toggles or deep integration with Facebook.

Bucket 2.0 Integrations


Thrive Quiz Builder can integrate leads with all of the industry-leading tools and platforms such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, Infusionosoft, etc.

Quiz Creation Flow

In the workshop, Ryan talked about the Quiz Creation Flow which consts of the Hook, Bridge, and Offer. Let's break those down then go into how you can follow this same flow in Thrive Quiz Builder.


The hook is how you get the user's attention. Thrive does this with what they call the "Splash" page, which acts as a gate that allows the user to click through to begin the quiz.

You can also use a landing page built in Thrive Architect and embed your quiz directly onto a page by simply dragging the quiz element off of the element tray and onto the page. 

You can even embed the Quiz you built into a lightbox / popup using Thrive Leads and trigger this to come up when someone is about to leave your website or clicks on a button. However you want to hook them in, Thrive can do it.


The bridge portion of the Quiz Creation Flow consists of Questions and Lead Capture. This portion of the flow is meant to diagnose something about the visitor.

  1. Questions - The questions you're asking. These can be image, video, multiple choice, or open ended questions (a new feature, and one I'm not certain is in Bucket 2.0)
  2. Lead Capture - After someone answers each question, you have the option to force them to fill out an opt-in gate that requires them to provide their name and email. While completely optional, it's crucial


The outcome portion of the flow is where we show the user their dynamically generated results. In Thrive Quiz Builder you have built-in page builder tools to craft a completely customized look and feel for this page. You can add images, videos, and even drive offers for sales. This is the Prescribe area where you are offering them the band-aid, and ideally up-selling them to the cure.

These custom results pages can also be redirects to separate pages, websites, or anywhere you want that user to go. In Thrive Quiz Builder after the user has given you their info you have complete control over their journey.

Quiz Funnel Types

In Ryan's presentation he outlined the three types of quizzes they focus on with Bucket.io 2.0:

Type Quiz

The Type Quiz is the typical "you're this type of X..." and involves asking the person questions to categorize them based on their answers.

Killer Quiz

The Killer Quiz is the quiz that helps people avoid a big mistake. An example would be "What's your biggest golf swing killer?" or "Identify the holes in your marketing funnel."

Score Quiz

The score quiz would be how many answers you got right, how much do you know, or right/wrong type quizzes designed to identify knowledge on a subject or how you rank.

Thrive Quiz Builder's Quiz Types

You can do each of the Quiz Funnel quiz types in Thrive Quiz Builder. They've organized the default options into four main types:


Use this if you want to show your final results as a number. Example: "How many of these mistakes are you making with your digital marketing?"


Use this if you want to display your final result as a percentage. These quizzes could be geared toward how much you know about a subject showcasing, "You got 66% correct!"


Use this if you want to display the result as a category. Example: "What Funnel Tech Stack is Right for Your Business?"


Use this if you want to display how many answers the person got right or wrong. 

Closed vs. Open Platform - Do You Own It?

This is a very important distinction between the two tools.

Closed - Proprietary

Bucket.io 2.0 is based on a closed, proprietary platform. You are essentially renting access to the tool for $200/month (after a $2,000 setup fee).

Open-Source platform

Thrive Quiz Builder can be installed on your open-source WordPress website forever.

Not that this is likely to happen, but what if Bucket.io shuts down? If Thrive Themes shut down, your plugin would still work. If Bucket.io shuts down, what are the options? While common to many areas of business, it's still worth considering.

Self-Hosted vs. Hosted


Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin, and therefore requires a website that is hosted somewhere. This means you'll need to pay for a separate service. This brings with it many other potential barriers to entry such as managing your installation, getting everything up and running, and ensuring the security of your platform. 


Bucket 2.0 is hosted on their services. You'll have a log-in to access the service, but it's entirely in their ecosystem. This proprietary system carries with it the benefit of all maintenance, security, updates, and management of the platform being their problem, not yours.

All-In-One Service vs. Do-It-Yourself

Bucket.io is a walled garden, but it's beautiful. You're buying a system. A total platform. It's designed for anyone to jump in and start using.

Thrive Quiz Builder can be added to any WordPress site. You have to set it up yourself, configure it, and manage it. As a result of being part of the WordPress ecosystem, it can be confusing at times for less tech-savvy individuals to 'figure out' how it all comes together.

Enterprise Level Software vs. Small Business / Entrepreneurs

Ryan Levesque and The Ask Method Company pitch Bucket 2.0 as enterprise level software, but let's evaluate their target market. Their Workshop was filled with people who hadn't even started a business. The entire week-long presentation emphasized case studies of people who went from their couch to making 50k a month. 

The messaging really conflicts, doesn't it? 

Thrive Quiz Builder is geared towards solopreneurs, small business owners, and people who have a website. Can it be used by enterprises? Sure, of course. I've already outlined how it's entirely feature stacked. 

If you're trying to sell to large corporations, why have a Facebook-centered event and audience targeting individuals? This type of gimmick plays into the next section...

The Tone and Messaging of the Sales Pitch

How the company trying to sell me on a product really matters. As someone who creates quiz funnels for a living in the medical financial, and legal industries, I decided to watch the quiz funnel workshop from Ryan / The Ask Method Company (TAMC) in order to see what was being offered and how it was being presented.

The repetitive, hyped-up, overly sales-y tone of the entire workshop (particularly on day 4) was just over the top. The sales tactics they were using, the various launch methods. I saw a dash of Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker's Launch methodology, and all sorts of psychological triggers. The last day of the workshop was one long and drawn-out "but if that offer isn't good enough, here's another bonus! and another!" ...

The workshop ended as they usually do with a massively over-priced "masterclass" to teach you more about building Quiz Funnels.

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Pricing
bucket 2.0 software pricing

FAQ from the Bucket 2.0 offer site showing the price of the software only without the Masterclass offer.

Contrast that with Thrive Themes.

Shane Melaugh from Thrive Themes is rather dry. Straight to the point. Matter-of-fact and no-nonsense. When he talks to you, he tells you what he thinks works. When he sells you, he says "this is our product, our reason for creating it, and how we feel you can use it." That's it. No bonuses. No gimmicks. No hyperbole. Thrive Themes has always been a conversion-focused company and acknowledges they care less about how something looks and getting it right the first time and more about testing, gathering data, and doing things that lead to growing your business.

Only you can decide which you prefer.

Bucket 2.0 vs. Thrive Themes Comparison Chart


Bucket 2.0

Thrive Quiz Builder

Quiz Funnel Canvas

Page Builder Integrations


For Quizzes and pages

For Pages

Outcome Mapping

Scoring + Weighting

Branching + Skipping

Conversion Analytics

GDPR Compliant

UTM Tracking

Pixel Segmentation

Deep integration w/ FB

Standard / Manual Setup

Integrations (Email, Webinar, etc)

Quiz Funnel Types

Type, Killer, Score

Number, Percent, Category, Right/Wrong

Platform - Do You Own It?

Proprietary Platform

WordPress (Open-Source)



Hosting Required


$2,000 Set Up Fee + $200/Month
OR $1999 Masterclass + $99/month (limited)

$228/year (part of Thrive Themes Suite) or $97/year by itself.

Bucket 2.0 vs. Thrive Quiz Builder - Which Should You Buy?

Bucket 2.0 

Undoubtedly a fantastic tool that is packed with features, beautiful interfaces, and streamlined functionality. Bucket 2.0 is absolutely ideal for someone looking for an ecosystem that is totally enclosed and built to fulfill a single purpose. While outrageously expensive, companies or individuals willing to pay for the tool will likely find they have very little to worry about other than building their quiz. You won't need hosting, a page builder, or any other tools to get started with Bucket 2.0. The barriers to entry on the tech side are very low.

Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Themes Plugins

Thrive Quiz Builder is far more accessible in terms of price, but completely stacked with the exact same features. Thrive Quiz Builder really does benefit from having the other Thrive Themes plugins, so it's only fair to say that one should consider buying at least Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Leads in order to be on the same level as Bucket 2.0. It's also worth mentioning that Thrive Themes plugins are built for WordPress, and as such require you to have a website and hosting. The barriers to entry on the tech side are higher for Thrive Quiz Builder.

If you need help planning your Quiz Funnel, using Thrive Quiz Builder, or setting up your funnels, feel free to reach out for a consultation. You can also leave a comment below with any questions you have any I'll do my best to jump in and answer them.

  • Wow. That was quick. Ryan’s presentation just ended hours ago and you already have the review up. Too late for me as I already bought into the masterclass. I also have Thrive suite so I hope that I can run both simultaneously and see how far I get with each. Thanks for the thorough article.

    • Hi Faz,

      While not a review (because I haven’t used Bucket 2.0), this is at least a proposal for a very robust alternative based on all the information. If you are able to afford Bucket.io 2.0, that’s awesome. If you don’t already know the concepts being taught, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. While the two tools won’t work together at all, you could at least try them for different purposes and see which ultimately yields you better results. I’d love for you to come back and let me know what you find.

  • Excellent breakdown. Thank you very much. I have a few follow up questions. Would you be open to a Zoom call?

  • Thank you for the detailed comparison, very enlightening and helpful! I was considering the Quiz Funnel Masterclass and hesitated as I thought the price was exorbitant and I almost cashed in some crypto to pay for it 🙂 Lucky for me I decided to do some research and due diligence. Please could you answer this quick question? Is Thrive Quiz Builder compatible with Generate Press Theme? (I use Elementor Pro for my customized pages). Online marketing is fairly new to me and I’m still exploring all the options available which are never-ending… Thanks again for the excellent info.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      Thrive Quiz Builder is compatible with any WordPress theme. You can use TQB with your setup.

  • Thanks for this. Both for the alternative and your comments on the Quiz Funnel Workshop in general, which I’ve had a hard time articulating to others. I did the previous Choose workshop and the Quiz Funnel workshop and spent most of the time being furious at Ryan Levesque for wasting so much time, since I was cutting into important time I had to do other things. It wasn’t like he was being slow or anything, either. At least 50% of each day was repeat content from day one. And at least half of the repeated content was pointless selling. There were multiple days that seemed to be entirely padded out to fit the time. Then the Sunday thing, which I’d scheduled for needed time off, was suddenly sprung upon us, live-only, and consisted of nothing but a lengthy sales pitch with a ridiculous artificial time constraint, which seemed particularly disrespectful to people’s time. On top of that the return policy of bucket.io really set my teeth on edge. All in all I came away from the workshop disliking/distrusting Levesque a lot and not wanting to give him money. While I try to be rational and not let such things impact my business decisions, I ultimately concluded that someone who would waste that much of my time in a workshop was likely to continue to waste my time.

    • I felt the same way, Dustan. This isn’t aimed at him personally, but the method of selling that he chose to use on the audience wasn’t to my liking at all. Particularly the fake scarcity being used on a holiday (Father’s Day) and forcing people to make impulse buys.

      While the tool may be awesome and definitely serve a defined purpose, the presentation behind it leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Hi Doug,

    I really wanted to buy but work not is in abundance with the pandemic. I congratulate Ryan’s success but sadly, smug and I think the price is way over the top. Do you think that you could implement Ryan’s method using thrive ?

    • Hi Tamsin,

      Yes, everything from Ryan’s method can be implemented using Thrive. I would recommend Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Leads. You can get them all (plus more) on the Thrive Membership or you can buy them as one-time payments at a very reasonable price.

      I’m putting together free workshops that will go over these tools and how to implement Quiz Funnels using Thrive and other affordable tools. Will be a little bit before those are ready, but feel free to ask any questions.

      • Hi Doug, Thanks for this info. I bought Ryan’s Quiz Funnel Masterclass, and have a 30day free trial of bucket 2.0 with free set up. I am a solopreneur, just getting started. I am new to quiz funnels and FB ads. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but I am learning a lot. I don’t like the idea of having to pay $99/month at this point in my business, but don’t know if I could handle all the tech set up that would required with Thrive. I would very much welcome an overview of all that! QUESTION: what would be the total (average) costs involved in using Thrive, including web hosting? Thanks so much!

        • Hi Risa,

          I’m working on a video to help people get started with building Quiz Funnels with Thrive Quiz Builder. You’ll probably find it very useful.

          Here’s a cost breakdown for standard setup if you did it yourself. It’s important to understand that with these fees you get MORE than just Quiz Funnels. You get tools for building an entire website, quiz funnels, landing pages, etc.

          WPX Hosting – $25/m
          Thrive Membership: $19/m ($228 annual) OR buy products for one-time fee individually which are around $67 each.
          SendFox (email service provider) – $49 one-time fee for up to 5000 contacts then $10 one-time fee for each additional 1000.

          Those three things are all you need to make most quiz funnel-driven business a success. Want to add on memberships/courses/payments? You can add things like WishList Member ($147/yr) and a cart solution like WooCommerce (Free). Lots of other options to enhance that stack.

          I also offer do-it-for-you solutions if you’re interested. We could talk more about your business during a free consultation.

  • Jason Coleman says:

    Has anyone done a comparison of Thrive Quiz Builder vs. Interact?

    • Hi Jason, I haven’t seen one personally. I’d be happy to take a look and put together a comparison for you. Would that be helpful?

      • Jason Coleman says:

        Very much so! I was seriously considering Interact vs. Bucket.io, however this post has me rethinking it. Now I’m curious how Interact stacks up against Thrive.

  • Hi Doug. Thanks for the excellent breakdown. I would like to try this myself as I’m at the very beginning of starting to build an audience. I was thinking of getting a Thrive Membership. I have a WordPress website and the Divi theme/pagebuilder. Then I could buy Sendfox and use that instead (I already have Mailerlite free version). Do you think that combination would be good for a successful quiz funnel driven business? Thanks again

    • Hi Harriet,

      I personally do not like Divi and would switch over to Thrive Themes instead. However, if you like using Divi you could simply buy Thrive Quiz Builder and it would work.

      I think you could do quite well with this tech stack for a quiz funnel driven business:
      – Divi or Thrive for Theme/Pagebuilder
      Thrive Quiz Builder
      SendFox for email service provider

    • Divi is an inferior, disjointed theme and page builder. With my experience, nothing beats Thrive at this moment. Divi is useless.

  • Do you have to have Thrive architect to use this? My site is currently built on WP but I use the Astra Pro theme and Elementor Pro as much page builder? Will it work with elementor pro?

    • Thrive Quiz Builder is capable of being a standalone plugin. You can insert the quiz using Shortcodes into your Elementor pages. Using Thrive Architect or Thrive Leads simply gives you further integrations with the Thrive ecosystem.

  • Hi there,
    Is this available yet: “I’m working on a video to help people get started with building Quiz Funnels with Thrive Quiz Builder” ?

    • I recorded an overview to help people get started. You can find that HERE.

      I’m working on creating a course that goes into much, much more detail. If that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know. Right now I’m prioritizing things based on interest.

      • Thanks, i am interested in such course. For sure. Probably a lot of persons are.

  • Finally, someone wrote a blog post on the bloated software and over-hyped Bucket.io being peddled as the mana from heaven.

    I was so disgusted with Bucket.io when Ryan suggested in one of his text and email pitch to me, to take a PayPal six month credit line to buy into the program and software access for a year.

    For me, any course, program, or software that encourages me to take a loan is definitely a red flag. And my budget for any online course is $600 no matter how great the course is. I can spend $1,000 on a live training or workshop, but nothing more.

    The Ask Method and Bucket.io are too hyped for my taste. Besides, Thrive Quiz Builder, like all Thrive products is a fantastic software that keeps getting better with each update.

    I love the gents and ladies at Thrive; they’re awesome and humble individuals. Could be because they’re mostly Europeans, and eschews flamboyance, unlike us Americans.

    You perfectly summarized it well in this paragraph: “Shane Melaugh from Thrive Themes is rather dry. Straight to the point. Matter-of-fact and no-nonsense. When he talks to you, he tells you what he thinks works. When he sells you, he says “this is our product, our reason for creating it, and how we feel you can use it.” That’s it. No bonuses. No gimmicks. No hyperbole. Thrive Themes has always been a conversion-focused company and acknowledges they care less about how something looks and getting it right the first time and more about testing, gathering data, and doing things that lead to growing your business.”

    Great post as usual.

  • Francisco says:

    Very interesting tool but I use Builderall and not WP.

  • Francisco says:

    Is there any form to integrate Builderall? Thanks

  • OMG! This is happening. The market competition is a reality. Thank you Doug! Your post is a today’s miracle for me. I’m very grateful.

  • Hi Doug,

    Thank you very much for the review and I am interested in thrive. I do have a couple of questions and I hope that you have some time to answer them for me:
    1. Let us assume I have created a quiz on thrive. Am I able to post that quiz on my website, as a pop up?
    2. Are the quizzes able to be in the form of ads (like a facebook ad or google ad), which would then lead people to my website or a bookable schedule form. That way I can get in contact with the client asap?

    Please let me know!

    • Hi Nick,

      You can put the quiz inside a lightbox using Thrive Leads. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “in the form of ads”. You can have them lead to schedule forms and notify you so you can get in contact with clients.

      • Hi Doug,
        Thank you for your quick reply and clarifying some of the things I was asking about. I was wondering if you have some time to hop on a zoom call so I can further explain my vision with “ads” – Hoping this is okay and if you have some time for this.

        Please let me know – I am looking to start a marketing campaign next month.

  • Deacon Nick says:

    Which of the 2 programs have better training for affiliate sales? Also, I think he was asking if the quiz could be completed IN Facebook as an ad.


  • FYI … Thrive Quiz Builder is no longer a 1 time payment. If you click the links on this page it takes you to a page where TQB is $97/year for one site install. So it is a subscription, not a one time purchase.

    • Correct, it has been updated to a be a subscription product. It has also received significant updates since this article was written.

      • I wish these comments had dates on them. Hard to tell if this is 5 years old or last week!

        • This post came out when Bucket.io 2 first came out and I’ve kept it up-to-date as best as I can since then. If you find any information that is not accurate, please let me know.

  • Monaco Frankfurt says:

    I attended the Bucket 2.0 webinar last night, i.e., Tuesday, 21 June 2022 from Europe. The info was fast and furious. The sales pitch sounded attractive, until nearing the end with the endless “What you get is this..” plus the neverending bonuses. Everything seemed overwhelming. What I did like was the all-done-for-you aspect of the package with someone to help with the copy, content and attractiveness of the business idea to HOOK potential new customers for entrepreneurs starting out. If you are doing FREE workshops, in this first instance, I for one would like to attend. Not 100% tech savvy, but once shown how something works in practice with a good explanation of the result that is being asked for, I am sailing. So please let me know when you are doing these workshops. Reserving my place at the table.

    • I’m working on a free quiz workshop right now that will focus on alternatives to Bucket.io 2 (the tool). Hoping to have it in the next 30 days or so.

      • Roxanne Wilson says:

        Hi Doug,
        Thanks for all the information shared. I am interested in your free workshop. Reserving my seat now. Thank you!

      • Good job Doug, Thankyou and gratitude for all the information discussed here. Wanting the free workshop and the training your developing, as well as a community offering would be appropriate building discussion and networking. Please let me know how I can receive the information of when your ready to roll on this.

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